Say Sumn lyrics

[Hook] x2
Man I strayed a long way far away from
Got lost along the way where I came from
Came a hella long way just to say something
I got to say something I’m bout to say something [Verse 1]
I’m bout to say what you ain’t never heard
It’s a bit awkward peculiar God’s Word
Spoke with the pedal and spoke soaked in relevance
Bars on my sheets look crooked bowed in reverence
One with the elements. Earth, wind and sediments
Wake up, take up Jacob’s ladder Heave is
Right where I need it I might dare believe it
My sight couldn’t observe but it’s right there I see it where I
Left it sitting and I, get to getting and i
Stop spitting and get to get living and I
Need it right here right now like wow
It’s something just to fight the good fight now
Man it hurts but I promise that it works
And it’s so much bigger than a Sunday morning church
And it’s so much bigger than a priest’s collared shirt
And it takes a lot of work but it don’t require works[Hook] x2[Verse 2]
Man I got a little shine cuz I’m getting mine
3 and a half’s perfect time just to kick a rhyme
So when I spit a line quitting time calls me
Ain’t much time that’s left before we all see
Who was there, who was coming who we waiting on
Crown of thorns for a King that they place it on
They gonna be hating on you’s what He told me
Playdough to mold me, shape me then He broke me
Sealed me up with a glue stick made out of music
Told me I’m called and He can choose it
Found it to lose it stepped on and abused it
Who’s it? devil the author that confused it
And I’m picking up the Truth cuz I’m hungry
Dangle Brother number one swinging from a bungee
Never thirst again you got the dead thirst
Saying something what I’m saying God better said first[Bridge] x2
May I kick a little something for the G’s and
Liven up the sucker emcees and
Bolt the electric shock
1.21 jigawatts[Hook]

Krum – Say Sumn

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