I'm the same nigga I was in the past except now I ain't as cheap
Yeah, I changed just a little so I could be who I'm gon' be
Smokin' chains I feed all my habits 'fore I go to sleep
On my world, no relationship I need is bittersweet
On the gang you got some bad intentions, fuck away from me
When I'm on, filter out the tension with my tea
I turned my back to the fuckin' world they can't rock with me
- [Verse 1]
Fuck lettin' shit be
I'm always studying fuckin' room I ain't even gotta cheat
Out of my mind, why you act so clueless, I don't wanna speak
Out of my body I feel ruined locked my tomb now I can't breathe
I feel like I'm stuck on the moon
Yeah, I been gettin' high-
Yeah, I been gettin' by you see
We in that zero percent tint bae are you gon' slide with me
She my ride or die on E
She got so wet It's like a Sip N Slide oowee
Talk to my back 'cause you never in front
Breakin' that DistroKid every month
It's gettin' harder to tell, the fuck is you on
Am I ringin' a bell,- the fuck do you want
You sayin' It's not, it was what it was
I been switchin the sides in Walkman 1's
Split it with the guys doin' what we want
I been gettin' tired I need more than one
This ain't stealth, smokin' loud or some
[Verse 2]
I was always lookin' at the ground couldn't see my dreams
Reason why I'm always in the clouds but I never sleep
Up until the plane comin' down, better look up to me
I fell out but I took a look around ain't not Santa B
My life is gon' be what it should be
When I'm in it girl, you better make it loud, talk to me
I'm in the front row, you in the back of the crowd where you should
On the stage ho, my lyrics ain't sneaky but they could be
-I been on this gas
I stopped givin' fucks about opinions I ain't ask for it
I just broke another generation curse you can't imagine it
Pop my shit on purpose on the curb It's an accident
Bae gon' tell these niggas I'm the shit post-laxative
Still want that E30 coupe no cameras in the back of it
I wrote "LLL" on my shoe, fuck I miss my friends
Once bitten can't put it on what I think
Bet it would be different if you seen what I've seen
This for everybody that don't like me
Stay in your place, stay up out mine

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