Sussy Boys lyrics

[Intro: Kornjaca] Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah
[Verse 1: Kornjaca]
At home I was jacking with my boys, smoking crack my teacher gave Me blow, I was at home and he touch hole and then I gave him a blow
But that's not gay shit I only like men bro, I've been rapin' on this Beat, I've been sucking on his meat, yeah don't ever judge me bro, Suck my little dong (ahhhh)
My homebro rikTa is just cracked at fortnite (no cap) pubg gonna die In a hole of (cats) I don't even say gay shit bro I don't mean it but I'll Suck your dick if I had to do it
I'll do it for the money I'll do it for the pleasure it better be a bitass BBC in my hеasure
Yeah I was at home sucking on somе coke yeah I was watching a Movie and jack on my dong (no cap) my bro jackquess suck my dong And he know gay shit he jack black as fuck (no cap)
I don't say gay shit I only say black shit I only like black people when They say the n word bro [Verse 2: rikTa]
Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah
Bitches call me gay, I fuck his ass, fuck it, call me gay
When I pull up with 2 Glocks 23 did i say Glocks? I meant cocks
Fuck you in the basement then hang you on the ceiling like a hangman
Show me your toes, let me lick it, let me touch it, let me sniff it (sniff`)
You know, since ten I've been suckin only, had friends who wanted to fuck me, always thinking why my dick is so small, I put it in kid's mouth, yeah yeah, no cap
At home he fucked me alone, touch my little hole and then I gave him a blow, yeah yeah, no cap
[Outro: Kornjaca & rikTa]

Kornjaca – Sussy Boys

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