[Chorus] 2x
(All in my head)
Been down and back up I came
Gotta choose (?) my fame
(Stuck in my mind)
Gotta choose that and choose time
Nothing but success in my mind
(Please understand)
Been down and back up I came
Gotta choose (?) my fame
(Everythings gon' be fine) [Verse 1]
From Paul y'all remember me
See I'm so hard, young G's they sign a pact with me
There for a set, I had a ship that would never docked
Why toppin' charts, passin' Biggie mane and 2Pac
I know y'all thought that this hard knock will go to pigs
I murked the rabbit then the christian took his severed legs
Don't worry yet, wipe yo sweat cause I'm on a mission
And am rapper at the top, mane I gotta get 'em
Lyrically kill 'em, hit 'em, rip 'em, best to watch yo step
Went to the future, took the computer chip up out my head
A thorough bred nigga, I'm a part of prophecies
I robbed the beast, choke a pole when it blast feedin'
Let me hear yo scream, collect my Jordans then I walk back
I gotta rap, clean my gat as I drop the track
A deep impact up in hell mane they bumpin' Luda
But down there way in hell bumpin' Robert Cooper
Like water to 'em, talk the truth, they remembered me
They say they saw the two jokers they had left in me
Eternal bleed, see the creep demons ripped they scared
And everyday they wishin' only they could shake my hand
So (?) fast nigga, stand in line and wait to turn
Koop's not concerned, let the motherfuckers burn and burn
Heaven to earth, mane I'm Everlast[Chorus] 2x[Verse 2][Chorus] 2x[Beat Change][Hook: 2Pac sample, repeating]
Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words being quoted[Verse 1 (3)]
A hustler, hustle up on this pen and the pad yo
Jotted down my lyrics, record this shit into the radio
Stereo blastin', drownin' out you Rudy Poots
Some of you Disc Jockeys actin' like I wanna play the Koop
Fool I'm 'bout to comeback or come get some up, it's in my blood
Y'all was in some diapers when this pimp was crossin' major plugs
(?) videos, featured on some majors hits
Slit my wrist; y'all was talkin' 'bout "A Tisket, A Tasket"
Laughin', diggin' that, it's yo boy didn't fuck with me
He kicked me out the group
Thought that Koop was gon' become a fiend
How could it be? I was right there 'fore a nigga had loop
Loyal, lose my credit, coward paid expenses for the group
Or give a two , made it from the first into the third base
Like I say, tell mane the only way you gon' get paid
Path way, had to hustle up on drugs to get some money
Funny junkies comin' runnin' (?) out (?)[Hook: 2Pac sample, repeating]
Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words being quoted[Verse 2 (4)]
See what you gonna do boy?
Y'all boys, y'all boys ain't cool boy, naw
No needs to be glad boy
Cause I ain't sad, I'm a motherfuckin' bad boy, ahh
I popped into my drop, I cocked my Glock, I come to splatter you
Body decomposed, someone drowned 'em down in Mexico
Go and get yo mens, I'll do ten cause I do 'em in
Y'all don't understand about this pimp now watch my (?)
Jump off the currrb, got the bitch scarrred
Fuck old testament I'm breakin' the law, broke the bitch off
Koopsta Knicca crucial when I run (?) this song
Al Capone fronted me a set but I didn't give it back
... make short relax and maintain this rap
Aggrevated cross the nation, dominatin' situation
Murder cases, meditatin' gonna be some (?)
They just waitin', thinkin' they gon' get me, y'all get me some deals
Koopsta's from the Ville that leave you burnin' in that cornfield
Loc I just go and make 'em taste this smell, well you heard of
And when I do ya it's some murder, murder, murder, murders
Oh well and the Koopsta Knicca's bad for yo health
To make my pockets swell I make you bitches burn in hell[Hook: 2Pac sample, repeating]
Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words being quoted

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