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So I guess I gotta tell you a story huh
I don’t always come to this comedy improve show
But shit I just dropped my phone
One second man Let me just pick this up These ladies that I knew
Vary like the berries that
I prune in the garden of
Eden last noon of FebruaryFriday the thirteenth
The fourteenth was vary
Scary she was born in
September met her in
Art gallery in Vancouver
BC first date at a Van Gogh
Exhibit in 3D girl was fucking
Beautiful its hard to describe
With lyrics the Van GoghStarry night on your face
Was looking visual your
Energies reciprocal
Hydroplane your aura
It’s residual soakingIn your vibes looking
In my eyes was like a
Blackhole and your love
Shine like the morning sun
Your everything I wanted
Times 1 and it might be
More than one dimension
But there’s only one
Vertices between you and
Me and that’s love huhWhat I’m talking foolish
Matter fact I’m acting stupid
Cause in a couple years I’ll
Be Jesus you’ll be Judas
I’ll be Caesar You’ll be
Brutus text messages don’t
Do this we already been
Through this studied all of
Our Motives and realized
Where Just studentsMasturbating over dating
What they worship satan
Conversations with the devil
Got you feeling something
What’s the birds and the bee’sWhat they pollinating? When
They fly south that’s when
I’ll be hibernating
Bruce Wayne bat cave
Insane JoaquinHeath Ledger mane
Hank hill propane
Tom Cruise everything
Tom Hank Forrest Gump on
The beat mane InsaneInsane Sean Penn full retard
Again Al Pacino telling Leo
That he done Mane Brad Pitt giving
Edward Norton migraines Michael
Madsen cutting ears off of cops
Heath pointed at the TV
Said you’ll squeal like an op
I’m over doses I’m
Braggadocios I’m under
Focused I smoke hypnosis IPuff psychosis I study
Gnosis my magnum opus is
Sniffing coke with the cosa
Nostra Convert a bird to
Boulders and bust it downLike bulldozers hopeless
I’m influenced by nineties music
Hung up like noose’s
I’m not intrusive I am a
Nuisance Albert to NewtonsI quan computers I spit luger’s
And piss like jewellers
Your uncle Joe I’m Putin
Doing this music so foolish
I drop a bomb on RamadanMorons I’m ruthless
Mother died from fentanyl
Last fall I never knew this
I tried to tell these Couv’
Rappers it was more then musicA couple besties serving life
Or worse they died from usage
I could sing a fairytale it sound
Like hell you couldn’t tell
Wish me well, you lookingFrail so keep it to yourself
Nowadays they dry snitching
On themselves keep the classics
On the shelf like dry goods or the
Gun beneath my belt
Fucked her in her Bible Belt
Immaculate conception
If my words are weapon then
I hope my phrases sharpen well
Laceration through tendon MissJones your operation
On your child ain’t really going well
You probably should just pray to satan

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