The starting of a nigga's place
Brought up in a land
Where ain't no motherfucking rules
And niggas always dying from nothing
So sometimes in this society you gotta do fucked up shit
In order to be in a groove, serving
You know what I'm saying
But something in the back of my mind is like
Is like keep telling me
You know you gonna pay, Kokane
For the bad shit and evil shit you did to people
Maybe it might be a year from now
Maybe two years
But whenever it is
I gotta pay for that type of shit
You know what I'm saying [Chorus]
Some day I feel like my day is coming
Won't you free my mind
Free my mind
Free my mind
Some day I feel like my day is coming
Please free my mind
Free my mind
Free my mind[Verse 1]
Yeah, the setting
Just a beat with a bump
Say let me call on me back to the year '71
My momma's in the delivery room
Waiting to push a motherfucking menace out her womb

Now, I didn't know what poverty was
I was a decent little kid
At 12 I got my first buzz
I'm criminal free and un-wicked

But I can kick it
Even though I didn't stick it, wait
Cause when you supressed ya start to think
And like all black folks we always end up hatin'
Now I'm waitin' for a section 8, the section ain't
For there's never too soon and it's always to late
Now I'm beat breaking
I call it pop locking but the shit is playing up
So I start to ruck it
That great love flow through ya mind
Money keeps flowing
Flowing all the time
Yeah I'm a big talking shit for an adolecence
Slayers go floss a game and I didn't have no shame
Looking back on my life I give myself sum dap
Cause I kill more niggas than a concentration camp
And fuck more bitches than new kids on the block
But something in the back of my mind is like
Stop[Chorus][Verse 2]
Release the tension
Now release the pain
Cause my surgeon general told me to wear my cap in the rain
Now everybody wants to be known
But they don't know where the future came from
Cause everyone I envy all of a sudden pick up a fever
And they shooting down people like a hunter in duck season
But I don't dwell on it
And if I had to play it like poker I wouldn't fold on it
Panties on my pager, panties won't quit
Some show me love
But some be on a mission
Out to give me some I can't get rid of, bitch
Maybe I'm the flavor of the month you adore
Or maybe my royalty checks are bigger than the year before
Now it's Kokane this and Kokane that
Bitches all in my mix cause a nigga
Got my mega phone sack
Chronic sack
Give a bitch a hit
Cause motherfucking Kokane makes the fly shit
Now Lynn wants to know I got paid
But I overheard that she goes both ways
Or should I say A 'fuck it' or B 'don't wear a jimmy'
Playing craps on my life
I might have something in me
But the JD's control my inner thinking
No but I can still catch the fever
If the pussy ain't stinking
Some day I feel like my day is coming
Won't you free my mind
Free my mind
Free my mind

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