C'mon baby
C'mon let me just take it out and put it back in
What you want it from the front the back
What you want it in ya mouth
The rubber, shit's in the car
Fuck that shit
I can't just put it, ahh
Work it, shit With that shit you need no protection![Verse 1][Kokane]
Don't trip
You just need to shut your fuckin' mouth
I be rollin' through your city in a cut up glass house
With Kokane on the license plate

And your girl might wanna be one of my hoe cakes
I'm the green eyed light skinned nigga
And you think that I ain't so
But get your ass caught up in a twist, nigga
Tryna' see if it's cool
Boom bap, click bang
Another dead fool
I'm hittin switches and I'm riding high
So high
Like indo mixed with thai[Cold 187um]
Who is that
Who is that
Hittin' you all in the hip[Kokane]
Yo, it's them two twin bitches and they wanna trip
Cause see this time is gonna be better than the last time
And like Clint Eastwood you hoes better make my, ahh, day

And if not it's ok
I be steadily on the pedal in my fly O.J
I had a ho named Wanda
That wanna do it from the back
Push up the wrong way
And almost broke my sac-a-diliac[Cold 187um]
I'm skeezing
I'm skeezing[Kokane & Cold 187um]
And if you want more get on your knees
And open up your mouth and say please
Cause I'm a macaroni without the cheese in[Chorus]
I like to funk you from the front and the back
I like to funk you whether you skinny or fatTear the roof off the sucker
Tear the roof off the sucker
Tear the roof off the mother, sucker (x2)Tear the roof off the sucker
Tear the roof off the sucker
Tear the roof off the motherfucker (x2)
{w/ squeaky voice}
You must use protection[Verse 2][Kokane]
Here I come, here I come with the fly ugly shit
God damn don't it hit
Hears the 411 about Tina
And if you were the homie
I hope you haven't seen her
It's not a rumor it's a fact

I used to clap for the ho
But I love her cause she clapped back[Cold 187um]
Your ex-girlfriend is a ho
Yeah, you should have knew it when she let you do it on the kitchen floor, I know[Kokane]
Now ain't no bitch promise shit to me
Poppin in the tape
Sayin it's our anniversary
No it ain't trip
And before I do that
You gotta go through my hole click
And you can be the toss up for the minute
But ain't no tellin when you're fuckin' with the Pimp Clinic
Now it's on and on and on
The beat don't stop until the break of dawn
Now I be all in them stiches
From ya up-a-ty hoes to ya swap meet bitches
And if you a lady you better be home with your man
And if not your probably at the nearest kickin' spot
Yeah, lookin for a meal ticket
But don't trip too long
You get tossed when ya kickin' it
And that reala' than my grandma's knowledge
Cause most freaky bitches go to college, uh yeah
And I can't get forget the private schools
Cause I love it when they make it in them cute little shoes[Chorus][Outro]
It's the return of the nasty man, a ha
You must funk 'em, you must
Funky you completely
What you do man
What you do man
You better tell em' what you do boy
I said what you do man
You must use protection
A ha
What you do man
You better tell em' what you do
You must use protection
We are protectified, copyThe end?
In the motherfucking case, hoLike I said
It's the return of the nasty man, dig
And if you see what we see
You must see everything
Indoubatly funky
Skinny or fat
I like fat women too ho
More rubber for ya brother
More bounce and thats were it counts
If you dig what am saying, ho
I dig it from the front and the back too
Oww, some say we gotta use protection, ho
You must use protection
You must use protection

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