Well alright
Ah yeah, this is dedicated to all the players, the pimps, the mac's off the tracks that show no pity in the city
Well alright
Today forecast, today is funk
So wet you'll be able to wear your cold coat
Cause it gonna be coooooool [Hook]
I think I'm in, I think I'm in
I think I fell knee deep
Uncut funk, uncut funk
Cause I'm bakin soda free
It's just the way I express my funk so far
Under water motion pictures make me fly
Funk away
Soul on a rope but you treat it like soap on rope
Cause the beats and the lines are so dope[Verse 1]
So, now I'm at the funk lab
Recording my funk
So all my niggas can hear a bump up in they trunks
Hold up I gots to keep my funk gorilla real
Cause them fake funking motherfuckers be out to steal
Claiming you're the ultimate, homie, but you a faker
Been up sold my shit to an oriental bootlegger
Who don't know a lick of my rhymes
All he know to say is 5.99
But I'mma meet you at the swap
And it like bom-bom-bababom
And you can catch a blast
I have to play like
Inspector 12 and chase that ass
Cause they don't say funk til I say they say funk
My aching head
I think I have a migraine funky boo
So I
[Hook][Verse 2]
Now funk is a feelin' through your heart, G
Or funk is a greasy-ass meal at Aunt Kizzy's
Or funk is the shit that comes from the rear
So don't say you do funk
If it not for your whole career
I bet you can't wait to get your props
By sellin' one record and that shit goes to the top
You got a million followers that think that you the boss
But funk ain't made with Pace Picante Sauce
And every song I hear seems
It's like dudah-dudah-du-du-du-du
Same place, same thing
Aaww-a you know how, ah, you quit your habits
You know how you motherfuckers can act sometimes
Well alright[Hook]

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