She talks about me while I am gone
Your wife said that I am banned from the house
Happy pills gone too far You send him like messengers in fear
[?] talk like a man
Yeah, you're far
Emotionally too farAnd it seems like time went fast enough for you to just give up
I refuse to face the simple fact that you just want me dead
What can I do now?You're not around
I'm not your son
I never wasLike I was a stranger all of this time
Since I thought you could be someone to trust
Oh I was wrong
Is it just [?]But [?] you be my help for day and night
You [?] tried too hard for me to pay it back
Like it was all my faultAnd it seems like time went fast enough for you to just give up
You speak through my life like I'm just a memory from the past
But what can I do now?Ooh I'm alone at the street every midnight
Running from the fear and the deep dark
On this day of this damn fucking life
But it is what my luck has broughtAnd I still haven't known about my siblings
Never heard from my brothers and sister
I feel like I no longer am belovedOh I barely get ahold of myself
I'm leaving these days overwhelmed
I hide in front of me the reason
Like my mother has told me [?]Oh maybe she was right about you dad
Maybe she was right

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