Turn up your music box, we need to get it to fever
Anybody who's watchin' for the first time, been under a rock for the last year or mo'
For one of the youngest artists out right now, who's doin' his thing
New artist, he's keepin' it live, keepin' it real
And please keep that door closed— [Verse]
I'm from this concrete jungle where the lions roar
I run around with tiny arms like the dinosaurs
But I survive it all, still hidin' from sirens
Share my mind's cries, like, "What's mine is yours"
Raised from a kid, playin' on the strip before I tried to talk
Growin' up I was always hungry, slam my knife and fork for more
I'm from a hood that don't abide the law
If monеy can't bring us happiness, what am I smilin' for?
Thru' the mornin' parrin' thesе children
Take the piss like a stolen sample of urine
Stuntin' like the stars in an orbit
We see no P's like the farmer ain't in Autumn
How mad? Debate it, got 'em aggravated
Leave 'em throwin' off their caps like they're graduatin'
Life's a bitch, she'll put the 4 to your back like you're Makélélé
The bitch is tragic, ain't she?[Outro]
Do you have a different style?
I know there's a lot of rappers out there who I'm sure you've looked up to over the years
But right now, a lot of new rappers and older rappers lookin' up to you
How do you feel to be like a, uh, a living prodigy?

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