[Intro Hook]
Walking in your stable house
You come on down, following is your gown [Verse 1]
You and me meet on the bottom, we kiss as we walk out
Your big 'ol dress is dragging, across the ground
And when we get to the car, I open up your door
I let you get on in, and then we're off to it
And that night I get home, I reminiscence on what I've done
I somehow have regrets even though it went so good
I can't help but give myself, my own personal hell
Critique the things I did, and what I didn't
[Hook 1]
Crawling to your burning house
It levеled itself, my friends burn in thе ground
I'm staring on, the flame only grows
What I've witnessed, is the death of my home[Verse 2]
When I finally see all of you again
I'll be able to be the one you thought you met
The one you saw in your dreams, the one you saw as a teen
The one mediator friend that never felt a thing[Hook 2]
Looking at that empty house
It crumbled down, nothing but scrap now
You were all I had, now I walk on the ash
The burial ground of where that house had tore down

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