[Verse 1]
All alone in my head
Feel that I'd rather be dead
Because of the pain that you give
When I'm alone with you [Pre-Hook]
I want to escape
From the rumors I receive
I have a feeling
That they come from you
You know
I'd die
At the sight of him and you
So why
Do you try
To send photos of you two[Verse 2]
In the end, it was expected
I should have never trusted
That lust you felt for me
Would ever turn into love quickly[Pre-Hook]
I would try to hide
The pain that I feel inside
For seeing you with another guy
The samе one you said you didn't like[Hook]
You know
I'd die
At thе sight of him and you
So why
Do you try
To send videos of you two
[Verse 3]
Why do you even try to talk
And keep the communication up
You say you still wanna be with me
But I know that you're lying[Outro Hook]
It was all a mental game
And you fucked me up in the end
Ran my luck, my patience' thin
I fell love with infatuation

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