God's Wicked Children / Alleluia Lula Loves Me

Kitty in the Tree


God's Wicked Children Are A Rotten Little Pack
Oh, They'll hit you in your stomach and they'll stab you in your back
God's Wicked Children don't share their toys
With the good little girls and the pleasant little boys cause
God's Wicked Children never learned to share
Don’t care if the [?]
Now there, It don’t matter if you’re white or black
It don’t really matter cause you’re not coming back
And once he’s got you he’s never gonna let you go God’s wicked children never helped no one
Take your money, take your wallet, take your life for fun
Now there, it don’t matter if you shoot your gun
It don’t really matter, there’s nowhere to run
And once he’s got you he’s never gonna let you goWell, I don’t know what is right or wrong
Cause it’s not for me to say
There comes a time where there’s wicked fun
And it’s them that’s gonna payGod’s Wicked Children better mend their ways
Better count their blessings, better number their days
Now there, all the wicked children scream and cry
They know where all the wicked children go when they die
And now he’s got them, he’s never gonna let them go
/Well, Alleluia Lula Loves me
Watch our spirit dance, above me
The basic god does not belong to a man
Oh, No, no, no, no
Now, Alleluia Lula Fills me
Watch her [?] hands that kill me
I’ll sing it loud so that she might understand
Well, Hey
Now, I don’t want your money
Honey I’ve got plenty of that, it don’t make me happy!
And I don’t want redemption
Father loves [?]
That’s alright with me
You see, I was a dreamer
Til’ angels appeared to me
They said she’s your redeemer
So, back down and you will see
And now I’m singing
Well, Alleluia Lula Found me
Sing the sacred love to arouse me
She runs off, and chases my demons away
Well, hey
I see the love-light, shining through me
It lights the fact that brought her to me
Waves her hand, and she says “I’m today”
Well, Hey
Now, I ain’t got no others, Mother
My heart’s [?] and I don’t need no love to guide me
And I can’t take your anger brother
The best has gone til’ it’s [?]
I was in love you saw
Til’ she came down and shed her light on me
Now love is beautiful
And she says that’s the way it’s meant to be
And I believe her
Well, I see angels dancing in the sky
Every time she calls my name and I
Can’t be worried when she’s holding my hand
Oh, No, no, no, no
So, Alleluia Lula, stare at me
Spread your wings and fly away with me
And I will love you just as much as I can

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