[Verse 1: Adonis The Greek]
After party in the hills we got it lit up like a cop car
I got seven bitches in my uber hit my line when you get dropped off
I just snuck a bottle from the club she took a shot and took her top off
I just took my rollie and I flew cause all these niggas wearing knockoffs
She tryna get rocks up on her finger I'm just tryna get my rocks off
She know that I'm going to the top and that's the shit that got me topped off
Fuck that other nigga when you know I'm the best
Now I'm back off in my bag don't forget what you said
Can't believe what we had
Doing coke up in the bathroom and she say she got a man
She don't wanna talk about him no she just wanna dance
Now she's throwing it back [Verse 2: King Los]
After party in the hills they got pills in the back
Its a long walk up the hill put your heels in the back
Put your phone inside a bucket you can chill with the pack
Can't afford no pictures this shit way too real to get back
We cut some Belly on, she taking shots to the face she gone off that Deleon
We like to vibe outer space, you know what the hell we on
Let you niggas tell me wrong, how though
I been all alone, out here on my own and wild though
Still I manage to smile though, I mastered defeat like a nigga manage a aldo
Where you been Waldo?
I been dealing with some shit that hurt my heart to the core
Been dealing with some shit that happen back when God, Money, War
Man I got tricked out my magic, shit getting drastic
Lost out with the interns in terms of friction its static
Painted the pictures traumatic sporadic actions of others got me
Fucked up with my brothers I mean we actually brothers
You know the label the label like they don't actually love us
Niggas ain't come up in the hood that make them naturally suckers
Blood suckers, muhfuckas, you know that I'm nice
I had major setbacks and had to grow from em twice
Do you believe in muhfuckin miracles?
And no I'm not religious bitch I'm spiritual
They say damn we miss you shorty where you go
I say I just found myself like three years ago
Its been a minute bro, I'm back up in it though
No limit endless infinite flows I invented those
Fuck shit so minimal, critics so cynical
Trigger my inner most emotional tinted soul
They say we wanted gold
I say I vent then roll
The label don't believe, well bitch I'm finna roll
Bitch is you friend or foe, with niggas I'm finna fold
Sick of living in intervals
Been evolved in the low with the flow all your two cents and mooches as far as pennies go
As far as enemies go, ain't got no sixteen for you but what about the semi though
I don't think they hear me though
Couple rappers cool to me but I don't think they near me though
Fake niggas don't feel me though
I'm sleep niggas been stealing flows, these niggas is really hoes
Hashtag I'm really gold, niggas know I'm really cold
One up like a wheely bro
Run up and get done up I'm on the come up I ain't silly though
That's what I really know
Finesse the plug address a buster and a sucker as what it was it was never love I'm the best that it ever was

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