Y'all don't want no problems in this thing (No)
Swear to God y'all won't see my nigga (G.O.A.T. Radio)
I just came here to get my change (Cash) [Verse]
Acrobatic on a nigga
Abracadabra she put the magic on a nigga
Flipped and bounced it and then she popped it and sat it on a nigga
Got the shit that when hits him goes automatic on a nigga, ahh (Arrh)
She was a goddess
Excuse my logic
Girl I will eat it up then I will beat it up then I massage it (Arr arr)
Animal, Hannibal and I move just like the hand that move round the clock (Mmm hmm)
Don't need no GPS girl I know how to go down till I find your spot (Mmm hmm)
Girl, I've seen a nigga at your front door
Won't ya sit drippin' when them panties fall
Girl, you know that pussy like a gang sign (Mmm)
You can throw it at me 'cept it ain't mine (Mmm)
Beat it up, beat it up violate her (Mmm)
When I'm not around she need a vibrator (Mmmm, G.O.A.T. Radio)
I'm not concerned for these rappers
I'm here for eternity bastards
You basic no turning me backwards, ain't shit I can earn with these rappers
You owe with me money you Smokey then I go Big Perm on you rappers (Arrhh)
You ain't even permanent rappers (Huhh)
What's the determining factors (Oww)
I'm in the desert burning on the cactus (Cash)
It's funny how the tables turn like some turntables I've been itching I've been motherfuckin' scratching
I bet you motherfuckers passing don't persevere with passion
Don't take it personal let's take any person and ask 'em
Personally, I'll be laughing
Versus me with that action
Hearses be in reverse
Purgatory the worse
Verses be in the curse
Curses be in disperse
Way beneath the surface, the surface being the Earth
Earth being the mother that birthed me and the other son
G.O.A.T. and I'm out this motherfucker, done (G.O.A.T. Radio)
Y'all don't want no problems in this thing (No)
Swear to God y'all won't see my nigga (Say it)
I just came here to get my change

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