Monster Remix lyrics

[Produced by Kanye West, Mike Dean & Plain Pat] [Hook: from Kanye's original track Monster]
I shoot the lights out
Ahh 'til it's bright out
Oh just a lonely night
Are you willing to sacrifice your life[Los]
Hey yo I'm too sick to tell the doctors
The way I snatch niggas girls
I should climb up buildings and swat helicopters

Clocking, 'til the doves on the beam switch
I ain't Shrek but I'm in love with this green bitch
The scene switch and I turn rappers to head targets
Stomp them out in they living rooms, red carpet
I hear barking but a big dog end discussions
Cause money talks and I ain't really into interruptions
So ippa ippa here we here we go
Nigga Froot Loop diamonds bitches holla Cheerio
Nigga call me Cap'n Crunch numbers cause I clearly go bigger
I master Raisin my Brand I'm a cereal killer
Uh, see I ain't tryna gloat
But you don't need Kat Stacks to find my lines is dope

I'm on my monsterish shit
Sasquatch the shit til Jaws is fish sticks
The whip gets good tits that we creep
Leaving twenty-four inch footprints in the street
See I dumped a bitch, you wife her and give her bread
I knife her and get the head then it's Night of the Living Dead
Cause she dead and the only thing can change my mind
Is if she give me monster brain, Frankenstein
See any bitch you might think is a dime I think she okay
Cause my bitch be killing these bitches, she think she OJ
My two ex-girlfriends jealous and sick
If X marks the spot they took a L in this bitch
I turn your bitch to your ex soon as L in this bitch
I give her two X pills then a L of this piff
I have her fucking other bitches, I will Ellen your bitch
I will fuck her from the back and start an L in this bitch
Invite the whole staff of XXL in this bitch
Then ax somebody so I can excel in this bitch
Cause I'm a monster, everybody hail the gift
Cause in comparison every rapper pales to this
So tell Kanye to sign me
I could have a suit made real fast don't worry my Taylor Swift
You niggas sorry never saw me on no fall-off shit
It'll be like I'm starring in Saw when I start off shit
I'll be armed with the sawed-off to replace your sawed-off arm
With the same saw that it was sawed off with
I'm a cold motherfucker, I am just cold
In that Maserati R. Kelly piss gold
My flow in one word: reckless
And you ain't never there like Yung Berg's necklace
Your bars cool, my bars tight
My bars hit like bar stools in bar fights
Your bars hit like white girls when broads fight
My bars hit like pit bulls when dogs fight
Hits like Barry Bonds, big dogs bury bones
Deep like Barry White, bars on baritone
I'm in my forever zone, zoning I'm forever gone
Everything I'm ever on I win it you're a loser
I hope you're all offended as I end it with a
Shit, let me put this extension on the Ruger, then...
Now I can end it with a Shooter (*gunshot*)

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