Uh huh, uh huh
Yeah, uh huh, uh huh
Said that's the way uh huh
Yo yo yo uh yo [Verse]
Fresh death or clever, jet black buretta
Black Gucci bucket, that master lever
I go at niggas press that together, that's spelled goat, I'm the best rapper ever
All my peers is a step back or better
More Paul Pierce but my step back is better
I said that reluctant, cause I'm a triple threat meaning I can jab step or step back and bucket
Fuck it, if your girl give me side eye
And hit me with that text like can she slide by
Eleven fifty nine on a Saturday night she getting dope on Sunday forgive me Cyhi
Flow dirty mastered give me high five
Throw words as caskets nigga bye bye
Control her like a boss, you know she like it raw and I'm a old dirty bastard shimmy ya ya
See when you this nice its a gift and a curse
Niggas like Los you the shit we should work
We exchange numbers, they shift and reverse cause they ain't tryna get they ass whipped on a verse
Church, tell me that that just ain't whack shit
And everybody top five list ain't backwards
I'm staring in a movie I went to Hollywood and got the same old script from all you big name rappers
So actors, is action the way yall hit?
It actually took passion to make my shit
Rap niggas hit the pad when they play my shit, cause I attended every practice that AI missed
Say my, vernacular spectacular spectacle special, you spectate, I expect you to
I inspect the introspective with every inch of my intellect no introjection, is this inception?
Of Martin Luther with this exception or this allusion
The disillusion so wicked I kick some shit confusing
Is god a critic like man is and flawed too?
If we in the image of god is man a god too?
Do we fear a god like man or god do?
Do you damn god or goddamn I lost you?
Chill, I'm real manic on the beat, illmatic, still matic, real matic on my seat
Got that Gangsta Grillz feel real dramatic on the beat
Got that box of books flow, build a attic on the beat
Man you know what I'm sayin, pill addict on the beat
I mean I ain't a real addict but I had a lil peep
When its rappers named xan, what happened to Lil Peep been happening
Death been grabbing my lil peeps
Man its rappers named Uzi and rappers named Minaj
Cause all we rap about is killing niggas, fuckin broads
Meanwhile, theres somebody depressed that you should guide
But Its too late the new rate is suicide, its super high
But as long as you super fly
Or closing deals and making mils in your suit and tie you don't give a fuck
Post a pic, live it up
Its gross as shit, Los the shit, give it up
I'm the G.O.A.T. nigga

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