King Los Freestyle | L.A. Leakers Freestyle #095

King Los, LA Leakers


[King Los, , Justin Credible] You know that, one of the best to ever do it, and after this freestyle might be claimed to be the best one to ever do it
When King Los calls, the only response is "Say when"
Get right to it Los[Verse 1: Track - Shaq's "You Can't Stop The Reign"]
Look...Let me talk to 'em then Sourmilk
They say it never come to fruition unless the vision is crafted
My drive is relentlessly, repetitiously mastered
Progress is positive, pessimism is backward
Since failure ain't attractive my next decision was drastic
I made it out of pit falls strictly due to my passion
Supreme intellect, not to mention wisdom to match it
Name another nigga that put up 50 in practice
Dis shit is magic, even my exhibition is classic
Funny I ain't end up broke, like you predicted
There's a thousand niggas like you no need to be too specific
I outmaneuver goofies like you would a few decisions
When the proof is missing you get reduced to a euphemism
Shit the truth is wicked
I just threw a surprise party, at a see-through mansion
My nigga, I'm stupid gifted
This voodoo mixed with, clear struggle and shear hustle
I'm trying to stretch ham-string me too long and I tear a muscle
Nigga where was you, when we was down and we slaved in kitchens
With my homie putting cut on that bird like it's Cajun chicken
I'm amazing, they parade but my crown wasn't made to fit 'em
You got signed off my signature style, that's plagiarism
I'm Miagi with it
Try to kick it like I can kick it?
You just begging to get buried alive
But I can dig it
Shit, copped a biscuit
Mapped his block out and plot a visit
I'm in a Honda Civic with lip stickers
I watch and visit
Plot and listen
Get close enough that I could kiss him
Since he pessimistic, I ain't run into my opp to miss him
[Verse 2: Track - Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones (Part II)]
To hip-hop I'm Socrates
I'm top 5 and the 5th spot's a mockery
The 5th pop
You do the macarena or get rocked like Slipknot's discography
You clique watchin' me
Hopin' I stumble
Your bitch watchin me
You know it's a jungle
She like lions not liars nigga
I figured you'd be slow to rebuttal
She standing there droolin' and dribblin'
You can only be humble
Just be a gentleman, and put your jacket over the puddle
You poodle that pun was a puzzle
I just wanna Rapunzel, you know
She keep them extensions and she come with them bundles
Have fun with them double entendres
As I beg your pardon from the nonsense that spawns it
I'm non-responsive just armed with a conscious
That's in and out dimensions like triangular shaped
Isosceles flying saucers
Defying the laws of physics
My minds like a luxury prison
Ain't no escaping, these bars exquisite
I breathe law and speak art exhibits
I'm black magic like Shaq spinning off his pivot
Niggas reaching—
Dog forget it
Even that metaphor was a metaphor for how it's hard to get it
Ya'll ridiculous, love to take facades and hype it
Like I ain't blessed with some shit, I gotta guard my life with
A lot of rappers try hard to bite it
But their joints ain't nearly as tight as what this author write is
My plight is, if you lyrically fit, you got something from me
Even niggas I wrote for didn't send me my fuckin' money
Why I ain't got a song with such n' such, you wonder buddy?
I'm the only one that got overlooked by his understudys
I feel, disrespected to the core of my soul
My skill, been perfected no ignoring my glow
I will, lift a weapon and put four in my foe
Then still, raise my son without ignoring my goals
My raps reflect the dreams that I see in the night
So I astral project, being I'm a being of light
To be in this arena, I mean just to be in this light
You might need the work ethic of a Venus and Serena
Then study the Sun and Jupiter while Venus in-between 'em
My city full of hustlers, you seen the demeanor
88 dope boy, clean in a beamer
But it's deeper than a four finger, ring in his beeper
When his mama was a crackhead that thinks she was a diva
And his daddy was a hothead for the cream, with a fever
You just tryna live life, nobody gets your plight
But you want teams with the reaper
The bitter consequences seem sweeter and sweeter
To be an achiever, duck three from the heater
Plus the prison population got the streets in the sleeper
But you a smooth criminal
You can make that quarter flip and off one hit
You could turn a king to a leaner
Where my cousin made sixty million and couldn't quit
It's a thin line between a fuckin' fiend and a dreamer nigga, wooh!
[Verse 3: Track - Three 6 Mafia's "Who Run It"]
Highly professional
Widely respectable mind and vision
Cosmic celestial, extra terrestrial rhyme encryption
Intergalactic perpetual cognitive sonic rhythm
Of a verbal God constructing astonishing compositions
Man, my competition, cease to impress me
I need challenge
And mumble rappers only exist, cause I need balance
When I seek malice, revenge reeks of a sweet foulness
I defeat cowards, remove your shoes at this Sheikh's palace
I re-balance the solar system with Chakra energy
The binary code in my carbon causes divinity
And a glow in me, but I can't even grow in peace
These fake conscious niggas vibrating too low for me
Watch what you throw to me
Boy ain't no hoe in me
I crack heads with this K-Ci—
It ain't Jodeci
Niggas best see me over
Can't nobody oversee me
I'll fry that nigga egg
He'll think he getting over easy
Imma mix of Hov and Weezy
Andre, Biggie flows and Yeezy
Pac and Pun, Big L and Jeezy
Pimp C, Juicy, Kool G, Eazy
2 Live Crew infused with Stevie
Wonder how they, view me, see me
Rick James, James Brown, MJ, Breezy
S-N-double-O-P, fo sheezy
8Ball, MJG, O.D.B., Doe B, Run-D.M.C
DMX, see PMD
Master P and CMB
The G in me, demands that you fit me with them
But in the scope of things I'm way more 50 than Em
They took my hopes and dreams, and turned me to a savage
21, 21 Tony Montana, you grippin my shottie
She call me Papi I whip the Bugatti
She ride the dick just like it's a Ducati
She do some cardio, listen to Cardi then turn up some Nicki and switch to a Barbie
Then she thinks she lonely, she vegan, do yoga then roll up the blunt and we listen to Marley
'Bout to call homicide, this is a body
I throw dick in her body
Just to kick it with me a bitch do karate
Like "Yah" to this world I'm a star
You ain't thorough, you ain't thorough
You a girl, you a broad
I got it clipped, I got a stick
I got a borough, I got a rod
If nerds looking for beef like, Harold & Kumar
I'm from a block where the Methamphetamine move
And the crooked judicial systems never let the kings rule
Where history falsified, and taught in every school
To disconnect you from your culture like, everything cool
See what having low self esteem do
Got you praising the lineage of oppressors with recessive gene pools, ooh
I guess from that perspective we all folks
I mean, you niggas was accepted, we was chose
If you don't postulate, what I aesthetically propose
And we don't vibrate, that means we diametrically opposed [yo]
I hope this message electrify us
The European be leveraging privilege through ethnic bias
If you ain't do no scholarship on this don't dare speak
This that ether that gon' separate leaders from mere sheep
It's like, whipping on the back of a slave with bare feet
When historically black college universities pledge Greek
It just isn't in your favor
It's some sick, twisted, sadistic ritualistic nature
Look, you think it's odd they slaved you
If the slave master ain't serve the same God they gave you
[Mic Chord unplugs]
Four hundred years later, and you hardly stable
And you turn around and beg that same God to save you
Look, word to the sunrise
Homie save yourself, everything else, get a thumb drive
The young lives that black queens lost, misplaced
Who been raped, beaten, indoctrinated and disgraced
We've been wept, shackled— and mutilated
Put through degradation
Disrespectfully viewed and hated
I mean truly flagrant
Treated like shit in this fucking nation
Then in 1850 slave holders came with this publication
Called "How to Make the Ideal Slave"
Now dig the vision
Rule number one was unconditional submission
Keep 'em in place, with authority
Cause rule number two was create, inferiority
And Ye said that slavery was a choice but let's be real clear
Rule three was take away their voice and instill fear
And hell yeah I could see the passion in your eyes
I admire your perseverance, for your fashion and your grind
But rule number four is why that hat was our demise
You keep that slave interested in the masters enterprise
Cause rule number five was deprive us of education, information, recreation, look, you listening to me?
Look, to deprive us of information
That's a psychological prison niggas have yet to come out
If the slave master caught you learning they'd cut your tongue out
Ya'll hear me?
If the slave master caught you learning they'd cut your tongue out
That segregation one hundred years was so thorough
No wonder there's so many Kids On Drugs in this Cole World
Shout out to J Cole
Hold up, I go off the top with an hour bill
Im Justin Credible, I am vegan with Sourmilk
I quit

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