I know its hard, but you made it out
I'm so proud of you
I'm so proud of you
I know its hard, but you made it out
I'm so proud of you
I'm so proud of you [Verse]
Ooh lately I just been on my vibe
Friends switching up ain't nobody on my side
Don't even got no bitches in the ride
Everybody tricky keep the blicky by my side
I be damned if you get me fore I get you
I be damned if I can't turn a 1 to 2
Where I come from its hustle or die
So you might just sell dope then get by cause you got that struggle inside
You are, a king, You are, You are
Cause I said so
And I know you go where that bread go
When that bread go to your head, where your head go?
When these bitches on your dick, where your head go?
Everybody know you the shit, even the feds know
But I don't say a word, I don't say a word
Man you know the judge hang on to every single word
People in the jury just gone peep you in your jewelry
Figure you a hood nigga, opposite of good nigga
I can't stress this shit enough
Times get hard when your rollies turn into cuffs
They tryna kill us my nigga, you know what's up
But if you know your hood like riding a bike, bitch throw it up
Hold up wait a minute, I'm about to kill this
I'm a dillo colored Bentley nigga arm up out the ceiling charm about to blind the bitch Oh my god I got the feeling
Kill em with a literal syllable drill a few holes in him
He been leaking information its a loophole in him
Then you roll with him and you popped
They don't get knocked off but you get locked
That'll never happen, used to sell weed but I'm better at this rappin
Coogi sweater shorty never sweat a bitch but I wet her, better get a napkin
Take shit I ain't asking, no fake shit I ain't masking
Just mask up and I take shit, no matrix I ain't gassing
You make shift I make shit shift, like paradigms
I may shoot this shit with a pair of dimes
Bitch I'm straight like I'm paralyzed
I blew checks like I'm verified
My lady taste like a cherry pie
Scary guys don't worry I, shit
Hoping out the ghost the closest I been to terrified

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