I know this, bet you been on Los' dick
Lately all you niggas out here sounding like my old shit, oh shit
Bogus, y'all cosigning bullshit, yet you don't include me when it's time now that's some bullshit, lil' bitch
Oo, I'm the GOAT bitch
Oo, I'm the GOAT uh
Oo, I'm the GOAT bitch
But you niggas know this
Ah, been in the kitchen whippin' in the pot
Ah, just ran into my nigga from the block
Ah, he had a nine milli and an ounce now I do the Milly Rock on any motherfucking block
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinqo, say something nigga
No habla ingles if the police in my face AH
Fuck all that stunting and yelling
I don't buy nothing you selling
I am so fucking rebellious
I got the blunt lit on Ellen
Niggas is half hoes, slash bitch half clit half asshole half slit half way passed cold and that ain't even the half of it
Both finna have a fit, ya girl keep disappearing that's a magic trick, she want this magic stick
Un, deux, trois, quatre, fuck was I tryna do
I ain't go to French alot I be with French alot
Plus I did perform in France and spend bands on my wrist alot
Took a lotta risks ain't hit no lottery to hit the top
Whip the drop, flip the top in the trunk so whether I pulled up without being noticed or hopped out the dopest shit I got the drop on you chumps
I cop this watch just to stunt, I got the Pac in my blunt, I got the B.I.G in my soul
Don't worry bout my flow, I got that bitch in control
Your bitch be talking to fast, might put that dick in her slow
Can't wait for this nigga to blow, I know they want me to win
Shit I could go to platinum with all of them rappers in Lola's DM's chill
This is not a threat this a motherfucking promise
You don't want these bars on your motherfucking conciense
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, stomp your fucking face in the ground
Stomp your fucking face in the ground
I'm really the goat, I'm ready to go, I'm really intrigued to see where my level can go
I'm really the best, I'm really this blessed
Don't render your feelings if you ain't willing to test
I admitted to being a villain, wasn't my vision to be in a ceiling [?]
Seeing a feeling what's missing to fill it in?
I'm missing my feelings, what position you filling in?
I ain't even give em the sauce, they was pulling all on a nigga arms, made me fuck around and spill it in
Your bitch wanna drown
Your bitch wanna drown [Outro]
From now on address me as GOAT nigga
Whoever they hired to hire all you niggas
Fire that nigga

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