(What), better pray our paths don't cross, yeah
Get the guap, the vault unlock, yeah
When you turn your back they start to talkin', huh
Careful 'cause the closest they gon' cost you, huh
Deadtalk, deadtalk, deadtalks, yeah
Talkin' on my name, they send shots, yeah
When I turn my back I hear the talkin', huh
Ironic how I deal with this often, huh
Deadtalks, deadtalks, deadtalks, yeah
Deadtalks, deadtalks, deadtalks, yeah (talk)
I heard it hurts to fall from the top, yeah (top)
But I can never know this type of problem (problem) [Verse]
Oh no no no, I said they won't see like all of me
And I got so many eyes on me
I got some that's despising me, but (yeah)
I flex, I'ma flaunt, I'ma sauce yeah (yeah yeah)
Yeezy Season, lookin' like I'm joggin' (yeah)
Got a new crib, fuck up my conscience
Send shots, send shots, get discarded
Deadtalk, deadtalk, deadtalks, yeah (yeah)
Deadtalk, deadtalk, deadtalks, yeah (yeah)
Try to keep up, it exhaust you (you)
Slime on me, I'ma stop you (wet)
AI, ballhogging (yeah)
My city up in flames, I'm the culprit (me, me, me)
Rollin' 'round my city, I'm a target (what)
So everywhere a man go gang go (gang gang gang)
Whole front row reach for my ankles (they reachin')
Talk talk talk, not substantial (talkin')
On my slime (slimin'), no cosign (slidin')
No surprise, everything do or die
Deadtalks, zombie walk, super star (star)
One thot, two thot, super thot
Deadin' talks, cemetery under me
Penthouse lookin' down but they talkin' down on me
If I ever talk best believe it's not for free (yeah, me)
They was talkin' down on me (me me me)
Me, they was talkin' down on me (me me me)
They was talkin' down on me (me me me)
Don't see me TV screen (screen, hey)
Now they see me magazine (hey hey hey)
They was talkin' down on me (hey hey hey)
They was talkin' down on me (hey hey hey)
Me, they was talkin' down on me (hey, hey)
Deadtalks yeah

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