Ooh [Liyah:]
That bitch milly rock on the cock ooh!
She do a 360 on the cock ooh!
Ooh ooh![Liyah:]
How you cool with the bitches I'm beefing with?(ooh)
That shit don't add up(Okay)
You mean to tell me when y'all talk(What?)
My name don't pop up?(Pop Up)
What The Fuck?(ooh)
You for real?(ooh)
Get yo' fake ass out of my face(Okay)
'Cause yo' bestfriend be the main one
Retelling the shit you say(ooh)
These hoes must think ion know(Know)
Hoes must think ion know(know)
How tf did this bitch find out(d'out)
If I only told you hoe?(Okay)
You a snake(ooh)...Yo Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?[Liyah:]
You a snake(ooh)
And i knew it(ooh)
And that shit dont make no sense(No sense)
So watch them "lil best friends"(ooh, ooh)
That play both sides of the fence(okay)
Getchu some money
And a job
And stack paper til you get rich(okay)
Fuck an opp
And yo' ex(ooh)
And a jealous ass hating ass bitch(okay)
Fuck niggas(ooh)
You dont need em(ooh)
Just keep on doing whatchu do(Ahhhh)
Keep it real
Keep it hunnit(ahh)
And watch more real niggas pull thru
Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh

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