Can you please tell me why?
I just find shit so strange, I can't even play these games
(no I can't play these games)
(ohhhh, noooo) [Chorus: KILLTENACIOUS!]
I just find it so strange, people are so fucking quick to change, but the people that you need to change always stay the same
It's like a fucked up game that we all just have to play
Man I'm losing my mind yeah, where the fuck is my brain man I do not know. Man I really don't know now[Verse: KILLTENACIOUS!]
I really think I should leave this town and drop everybody else that's lurking all around man; asking for a handout
When I did this shit all damn by my fucking self, I was down there in a cell down in hell man I got out by myself
Ain't nobody coming to my rescue ain't nobody coming down to help
(ohhhh, noooo)
Yeah what do I do? Where do I go man how do I cope?
Cause I can't get high, no I can't get high
Yeah I watched all my friends switch colors like the tye dye, shoutout to the ones that are still with me those are my guys
RIP my cousin, never got to say bye bye
Never got to say bye bye
You did nothing wrong I'm sorry that you felt this pain and, life is just a game hardly anyone wants to play[Outro: KILLTENACIOUS!]
Now I can't sleep
I got to much shit on my fucking brain, I'm going insane
I'm losing my mind, I'm locked in my mind
I try to run away, yeah foot to the gas man I hope I don't crash
In this rari I hope I don't crash
It'll all be ok someday
(it'll all be ok... one day)

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