The Comin' Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hello, how y'all doing, light persuing
This is my rebirth now [?]
Got myself back on point, the righteous movement
Saw the errors of my own ways to start improving
Back to the 15 straps from revolution
It’s back to the Hebrew raps and magic shooting
It's backs to cufeys on black's for retribution
It’s back to the consciousness of rap and good music
I heard Hip Hop was dead, I showed up for the viewing
Said the ulogy, kept my things for the students
My album's gonna have '97's influence
Psych mothersfuckers that offers an evolution
It's a new era, I deal with you devils on a whole new level
Blue mixed with yellow makes the colour that makes a man pull a tool on a fellow
Or the slugs Martin took on that balcony
In your hour of need
Ashes to ashes
For you Audrey, R.I.P., I can't

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