In New York, I milly rock
City cops get dismembered
Bitch sly as any fox
Get it hot 'til November
Preaching to a sinner
Smoking on that Doja Cat
I remember summers, freestyling over Nolia Clap
400 degrees
I’m fuckin' bow huntin' for trees
Break the backwoods down
I’mma sip it 'til I drown
Watered down
Hydration turned to saturation, hoe
Dumb bitch, I'm in the future bumpin' Saturation 4
I think I'm Lil Boosie
Cellphone with the bluetooth
Your favorite rapper's just another clone for me to chew through
Homie got a screw loose
[Pi'erre you wanna come out here?]
Boy these drugs beaucoup
I think I'm doing voodoo
I ain't been servin’ no weight
What is the purpose of fate?
Hoe they be rocking that Rick?
I don’t be talking to chicks
I be with Spock in the whip
Talkin' madness
Droppin’ acid
Playing Zelda, buggin'
Watching talking catfish
My girl be swimmin'
She be swimmin' where the Zoras swim
Life Advice: Make music & Ignore your friends
I took substances until I grew bored of them
Surprise, surprise, now I’m sober and I'm bored again
Get kicked, shit flipped; Eddy Gordo
Catch me in the bed, eat the pussy like Digiorno
It's not delivery gotta be kiddin' me
Now every rapper on the internet gotta be friends with me
Shit's weird
Y'all want something when I'm stuntin' but
You wasn't with me when my plays were next to nothin' but...
Fuck 'em
I'm bout to stop rappin'
Where were you when the beat stopped slapping?
Where were you when the weed stopped working?
Where were you when the knees stopped jerking?
Dip it in chemical
Sipping the mineral
Got the game fucked up
This shit is unwinnable
Fuck around on Bam Bam, I'm bigger, loc
You don't want it but I need it, I say different strokes
Trynna get under my skin: that's a stick-and-poke
If it ain't broken then don't fix it, but this bitch is broke
Sip and pour
I just pour and sip
How I paint emotions out when I'm emotionless?
Stare at walls
Watch 'em move
Havin' flashbacks
Tell your favorite nerdy rapper, give my swag back
They my kids, they all my kids and honey dad's back
I fit my whole damn life inside a backpack
Scratch that
Peel the mask back
If you want me dead so much then you can have that
Shit's eternal, hoe, remember me through art
I'm trynna find that little fucking sparkle in the dark
Every night somebody message quoting Backwoods
And I appreciate that shit but I ain't that good
In New York I milly rock
She told me, "Billy stop"
They say they like my music but 'lil bitch don't really rock
I don't know no shit
Don't own no shit
Man, really I don't watch
Don't grow no shit
No bro, no bitch
No really, I should stop
Aye [Outro]
Did Pi'erre ever find his way outdoors?
I'm concerned about Pi'erre's well-being(yo Pi'erre wanna come out here?)
(bitch ass nigga, fuck that nigga man)Man that's not cool
How they gonna call him a bitch
When they been askin' him to come outside the whole damn time?
Fucked up if you ask me
It's weird being in front of a microphone
It's been like a minuteI NEW YORK I MILLY ROCK

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