Walk in that bitch nigga walk with his racks out
Walk with my bitch told her don't have yo ass out
Niggas is goofy don't know what I pack now
Don't know what I pack
Gang fucked up the party we walked in with macs
These niggas is rats
I'm stackin my cheddar my racks getting fat
She got ah lil booty I bought her an ass
Trustin these bitches gone get yo ass wacced
Won't fall for ah bitch that's ah setup on gang
I stay to my self fuck that up you get layed
She snuck in the crib tryna hand me her brain
Lil bitty bitch Bitty hits Bitty tits
Fucc with her mom put my dicc in her sis
Niggas ain't lucky if yo ass was picked
The bitch is thot don't know how to succ dick
She think she the one bitch you one of dozen
Fucced her first now I want that bitch cousin
Bitch is ah thot uh she was passed around
Got that info from bro he from Moscow
Bitch is ugly when she don't wear her eyebrows
Fuccin her bacc up her nigga called!
WAIT time out!
Dicc slap yo bitch knock that bitch out her Misery
Fucced with ah thot finna keep that bitch history
Walk in that party I'm faded it's slippery
Won't release snips bitch my music ah mystery
FNs and 223s copped out artillery
She don't want you she was fuccin on kidicee Why this bitch slow why she act like she mini me
Gave that bitch 50 you can call me jimmy lee
Fucked off ah perc she ah sagg or ah Gemini
Fucc a Latina I want me ah fuckin ebony
Can't fuck with niggas cuz niggas just envy me
Vvs they sit on my neck with some clarity
Walkin wit Racks never beefed with no pions
Nigga want smoke fonem asked what he on
My burner get hungry I walk with the heat on
Yo bitch is a dyke that hoe some you Beat on
Walk in that bitch with my mother fuckin ski on
I'm not to play with my name not to speak on
Caught a lil bag went and copped me ah Nissian
That bitch is dirty she's prolly been peed on
Wanted that bitch now I laugh cuz she's beat on
Hop in that demon i get straight to speeding
Can't fuck with that bitch cuz that bitch always cheating
She tell me she want me she hurtin his feelings
Steak with the greens on my plate what I'm eating
I serve a lil late got these lil niggas feindin
Play with her lil heart she like bitch why you teasin
Cuz bitch I can't trust you theirs so many reasons
These bitches is needy do a nigga devious
She for the streets so it ain't nun serious
Fucc her once she ain't getting the premium
Cap on the media swear this bitch is median
She ain't all that she ah 4 on good day
Now that I'm poppin she want me it's too late
Fuck on her bestie and roommate
Nut in her mouth like it's toothpaste
This bitch ah hoe for the night she got two dates

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