Abyss lyrics

Soon I might drown in my abyss
Shooting for the moon
Still can't tell what planet this is [Verse 1]
I hope I don't crash in outer space
This a Wraith, heart so cold, this is what it takes
Foot on the gas, no breaks
My life a movie like the Regal
And that choppa on me wherever I go
I'ma shoot him right through the peephole
I got a story to tell, I been locked up in my room for five days straight
With these crazy thoughts
Trying to get out, but I'm stuck in a dream
I ain't talking blue dream but this kush gas
Foot on the pedal, I'm talking the gas
And exotic what I'm racing
Stay with the gang, they keep an arsenal
Get 'em gone before hе respawn
No Call of Duty, but you know what I'm on
I'm off a perk or two, I said I was gonna stop
Guess what I'm trying, it takеs me to wonderland
I'm so sick i got the -itis
Stay with the game like electronics
Bitch, I'm bionic
My only love is my gun, I'll shoot it just for fun
Pour my walk hard in my iced lemonade
Have these haters watch me, count it up while I celebrate
This the new school house of rock
Spending bag in sacks and make it right back, that's a light bag
All they do is chirp-chirp on the net, I can't be one of those
Because I don't like drama, hot up in the booth, no Benihanas
But I'm spitting flows, getting commas
Don't make me raise this llama
Tony Hawk: Pro Skater—that's head trauma
Want a problem that's a problem solver
No revolver
Perk thirty in my Sprite, watch that bitch dissolve
Hero by day, villain in the night
[Chrous 2]
Soon I might drown in my abyss
Shooting for the moon
Still can't tell what planet this is[Outro]
That this is
That this is
That—that—that this is
That—that—that this is
That this is

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