[Verse 1]
Yeah, I've got people talking to me, thinking I care what they say
I've got evil sounding shit that I might go and drop today
I've got crazy bitches, crying, screaming for my DNA
I don't care, don't fuck with bitches no more, they just cheat and play
(I'm 'gon) Take a break, I'm back, next day (yeah)
(I'm feeling) Happysad, don't get no plays (yeah)
(And all my) Friends are dead or off their face (yeah)
(I'm like) God, just let me die today (yeah)
(I've been) On my knees but I don't pray (yeah)
(I just) Need a sign or something strange (yeah)
(I don't) care if your girl wanting face (yeah)
(I'm just) praying that I die (yeah)
I'ma go and switch my flow and I ain't kidding, no
Cause I don't fuck with hoes, they hurt my heart and all
They got me all ashamed cause they like half my plays
I'm feeling outta place, I'm like Lord
Why do they like what I drop every week?
All of the 20-so people that peep?
I'm having trouble when I try to sleep
Get the fuck outta my way, sounding mean
Everybody say I'm nice, why the fuck you spreading lies?
I just dream of suicide, when I get to sleep at night
If I get some sleep at all, bitch, don't test me, you the fool
First, I'm flying, then I fall, need to chill and keep my cool [Refrain]
Please tell me who, please tell me who
Please tell me who cares about me?
Please tell me who, please tell me who
Please tell me who cares if I sleep?
Yeah, tell me who, yeah, tell me who
Yeah, tell me who cares if I lie?
Just tell me who, just tell me who
Just tell me who cares if I die?[Verse 2]
They all sick of my singing shit (yeah)
They just want me to kill some shit (yeah)
They don't want me to make it big (nah)
I know, they don't need me to play my shit (nah)
I think they just want me to die today (uh-huh)
I think they just care if I lie, always (uh-huh)
I think they just care if I get some sleep (uh-huh)
No, they don't but I care, that's weak (no)
I care 'bout all you (yeah), I care what you do (yuh)
Please just listen to my stuff on iTunes, help me buy some food (yuh)
I care if you like my shit (I do), I care if you like the kid (I do)
I care if you wanna see me tour the world and make it big (yeah)
I don't have an ego (no), don't have many people (no)
Where my self-esteem go? (I don't know) Ruin every beat, though (oh)
Don't look up to me, no (no), don't look up to me, no (no)
I don't care what you've been on (I don't)
I don't understand the hype behind yourself and all your songs, dork (no, I don't)
Bitch, bitch, I'm a dork. (c.)

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