Maria I’m Drunk (Travis Scott Remix)

Kid 901



[Verse 1]
Part of me still feel the hurt, these days long
Reoccuring thoughts that say some’
And it aches hard and my brain numb
Man, Maria, help me, man, I’m fucking drunk
And I’m tryna get out of the fucking ground
‘Cause I’m so damn tired of being stuck
And I don’t know how she moved on
And I don’t know why I still give a fuck
But, everything happens for reasons unknown
And maybe this shit will change on down the road
But, as of right now, I can’t help but to hang
With my friends everyday just to not feel alone
It shouldn’t bother me who you talk on the phone
But, it’s rotting me, so I hate going home

So obviously, I must’ve did something wrong
But, let me not get ahead of myself... [Hook]
And I don’t know why I still give a fuck
Shame me now as a fucking bum
You fucking coward, what a fucking stunt
That you’re fucking pulling, you fucking chump
You’ll really make this what the people get?
Does this make you higher than the weed you hit?
You really choose to let your demons live?
Only ‘cause you’re down and feelin’ like a piece of shit?[Verse 2]
Nah man, y’all don’t understand
This fucked mentality has come to burden where I’m staying
And I’m frozen when I come to notice all the changing
What happened to the last few nights, these clouds couldn’t stop raining
The rain would’ve just came down and faded out all my paintings
I hate it‘s gotta come down to the rage and the complaining
Who’s to blame for taking my way of escaping?
My ink out the paper, my anxious behavior that’s making a failure
And I got a friend that used to fucking hang, until later
He caved for the savior, didn’t see him another day ‘til weeks later
He put emphasis on attention he paid who I’s dating
And was sure to take advantage couple days after break up
Fucking great, I was mistaken for a snake of a traitor
I’m shaking with anger, bitch, don’t you fucking think you’re my neighbor
You’d be out your fucking mind to think we’ll make up like faces
Bitch, you not my fucking friend, and this ain’t up for debating, no
[Verse 3]
Fuck both, I don’t need neither
What’s your hidden health to my demeanor?
What’s your problems to the receiver?
What’s your guidance to a ringleader?
What’s your lil’ deep sleeper to a deep thinker?
To a deep dreamer, I’ma turn ya lil’ man to a believer
I’ma make you remember who can see clearer
I’ma make you wish you sided where the grass greener
Man, and that’s an understatement
And if you got a fucking problem, I want confrontation
I want face to face shit
I want you to show your face and have a conversation
I want you to come outside the safe you locked away in
I’m fucking done with all your pussy shit-like obligations
‘Cause all the shit you caused is more than just a violation
With no hesitation, you said fuck our corporation
Fuck the friends you used to, used to fucking always hang with
Used to always hang with
[Verse 4]
Put yourself in my position
Think about if I was doing everything you doing
You would start to question living
You would start to get suspicious
You would start to wonder if I even loved you to begin with
You would kill who I had been with
You would hate that I din’ listen, making all these bad decisions
You would wish the shit I’m given didn’t make shit unforgivin’
You would start to form opinions, switch up on your set positions
You would wish I wouldn’t use your spot for someone else to fill it
You still do it like prescription, moving on fast
Wishin’ I could say the same, don’t know how long shit last
So my head stuck in the past, and it’s doing the most
Feel the pain in the beat, fist fightin’ with ghosts
Keep in mind you’re bookin’ with some stuff you had inherit
So when he sees me in you, try expect to be transparent
Better yet, I want some credit when you’re everything he cherish
‘Cause we know I’m seen as anything other than as generic

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