[Verse 1]
I saw cars filled with concrete
Shutting down mainstreet
The redwoods and palmtrees
Said nothing but heard me
And footprints and pavement right next to the gutter
Where a woman who ate the wrong wildflowers dies
And she mutters her last words to me
She could no longer buy and sell
So she could no longer be
They made me perform an autopsy
I found microplastic particles
In some corner of her chest cavity [Verse 2]
No chit-chat on the boulevard
I'm counting the regulars at the bar
Thе jukebox in the corner is full of rust
And wе're dancing in yellow hazmat suits
To Ziggy Stardust
I'm drunk from the iodine infused shots
Five years sounds like a lot[Verse 3]
Staggering home towards the underground blocks
Where the tap isn't running
And neither are the clocks
Your letter never made it here
Cause the post office is closed this year[Pre-Chorus]
I'm going to see my scientist friend
We'll meet by the secret rocket launch pad
For tonight we'll shoot one more out into space
To secure the remains of this human race[Chorus]
Golden records for extra-terrestrial ears
I hope they find them for soon we won't be here to hear
These were our stages
These were our songs
These were the places where humans felt love
For our reckless abandon we now pay the cost
Does it comfort you knowing that mabye music isn't lost

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