Thinking 2 much lyrics

It feel as if I'm thinking too much
When I'm alone it's like I'm stuck up in the mud
Not suicidal but I feel like giving up
Is there a reason why you gave into the drugs? And I say it's all you
I can't even fault you
Stinger of the wasp is where it hurts
I think I lost you
And I would say it's critical
They know that I'm missing you
Wipe all of my old ways off just like some residueI say I'm on my own
But I feel dependent
The thoughts up in my head
Yeah they're really sickening
Don't wanna go out and make friends
I need to set a mission
I just want someone to have some type of long commitment
I can be the Wicca Phase to your Audrey
I know you're going thru it and I'm sorry
The feelings hitting hard just like Bacardi
I'm slipping on the ice like just like I'm CrosbyK-e-i feel like I'm going thru hell
Yeah, these other guys
They won't do you any well
I know they despise, but we care about ourselves
Can't get into that mess, so we gotta wish them well
High speed chase, yeah the police on our tail
These feelings that I'm talking
Yeah they got me looking frail
I can't do none of these drugs
So it's all bout mental health
I can't do none of these drugs
So it's all bout mental health
I can't fumble all these bags
So I'll come up out my shell
Couldn't step out in these rags
So I had to spend some bread
I try not to overthink
Cause it got me feeling dread
Laying on my mattress cold and it got me feeling dead
If you see me spread my wings
I'ma go to heaven
He said that he real so I had to test him
Can't keep my head on my shoulders
Feel like I'm beheaded
When I fall out on the grass, I look up at the crescent
Live by the sword, you gon die by the sword
Yeah I threw up the white flag
I can't afford to go to war
Was afraid to go outside
I don't know what to fear no more
Except for god and myself
I put my trust inside the lord
I can't even trust my body
I can feel it in my core
I don't want no other girls
Cause they got me feeling bored
Reassure me til I'm dead
And I'll still wish for more
If I don’t know where to go
I'ma just follow north
Kevvbmm – Thinking 2 much

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