Aye, aye, yuh, yuh
Hey, hey
Haha, uh
Kevin make it SekC! [Verse]
Bish we about to make a killing
Mask on looking like a villain
Money talk ball like Krillin
Stack it up quick made a million
Just bought a mansion, money like a ransom
Bish I can't stop, Milly Rock see me dancing
Off-white Js, 2k with the bands
Got 5 and the money gone
I don't give a damn I'm going all inBish I'm with it
My cash tall your stacks like a midget
Count seven digits
Hundred on the dash
Whip so fast I can't even get a ticket
You can't stop this
Haters gon' block this
If you on the wave then I am the Loch Ness
Chip off the block, hop out the lot
Grab me some food then it's back to the spotSay my name, call me Kevin
You get a L like your name was Eleven
Hold up switch, hundreds on stitch
She be playin' games like she be on Twitch
That's all you, I ain't with the acting
Ten toes down make a girl more attractive
I wake up and I get active
You wake up and you be lackingGettin' paper like a damn author
I got scars on me like I'm Harry Potter
Goin' up just like a teeter totter
Yeah the suns hot but bish you know I'm hotter, yuh
Had to do this by my lonely
In the net just like a goalie
Internet we making money now
People say they got you but they, phony, yuhThey ain't believin'
They said I couldn't achieve it
I remember they was sleeping
Now I'm living like I'm dreaming
Now I'm living like I knew I would
Told me not to but I know I should
In this life I feel misunderstood
Kept it movin' now I got it good, yuhTokyo Ghoul with the mask, huh
Hat to the back like Ash, aye
Poison drip out the flask, aye
Drag your tape to the trash, uh, aye
Flight out of state
Work out these bands cus' my cash overweight
I can not wait, I gotta get it
I let em' hate just so they can regret it

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