[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
I can't be stopped
It's payday and I'm in the candy drop
So for real, Candy Rain flooding your spot
Firestone tires hot, burning the block
For pete's sake I'm a heatwave melting your dot
My ship sail, so I should move units and quick
The whip trail like a mixed, variation of chips
So when I dip, it's kinda ironic
And all I do is hotbox Hydro, call it a carpool
I'm from the west, where the Tec's is drawn like Cartoon Network
Wetshirt, a marksman will become my ex expert
Welcome to school fools, don't get an F for effort
Top Dawg money gang, winter fresh, sunny chain
Bad bitches
Angry paper, got mad riches
Who the fuck you think you're up against? Come again?
Shades darker than the bitch, but I see you niggas
And I, see you niggas, wouldn't wanna be you niggas [Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
Welcome to the C4
I got the bombs and the rental
Meet me on Central, and Rosecrans
Goddamn, I'm the man, for life
The left coast, bitch get it right
Welcome to the C4, got the bombs and the rental
[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
It's Top Dawg
They call me Rock, boy
Shit I came a long way from selling rocks, boy
'Bout my cash money, you can call me hot boy
I throw shots, guns clap, like an encore
B's up, hoes down, that's right blood
Can't be street sweepers, get your ass mopped up
Damn, I'm in a 2008 something
Sitting on chrome buttons, nigga no bluffing
Hit a club, all eyes on my neck
Got $20,000 worth of diamonds on my chest, nigga
Fuck VIP, I'm on the floor chunking up my sets
Twisting fingers with my niggas, blowing swishers, sipping liquor, 'till I'm pissy, fucking bitches, it's so easy
Get the name, tell them the telly nothing but pipe in their belly
.380 keep it on my waist like a celly
K.Dot 'bout to bomb on you niggas, get ready motherfucker[Hook][Verse 3: ScHoolboy Q]
I keep a big loaf of the toast, be careful when the toaster pop (Q)
Hashbrowns and all, shooting out tater tots
Around 8 o'clock I let it go for 8 a pop
Taking off wigs like I'm working at a beauty shop
I'm getting money, most success what I'm achieving
Being broke is childish and most of these rappers teething
Still whipping the stick-shift, bottles pop, big sips
Green hash in the back, something to make my heart skip (damn)
You ain't seen a dresser that's fresher and keep it ghetto
Had a gat utter, sing to you; Reuben Studdard
See my team rougher, y'all fat; cream puffer
Your broad serve the whole squad, call her clique fucker
Start to thinking that I'm the best, just sort of speaking
More than decent, and fucking something that's Puerto Rican
I'm cool as ever, not concerned about the weather
Getting every dollar, I'm steady stacking my cheddar
Hard as ever, y'all cats soft as a feather
Super clever, outdoing me? Nigga never
Try to fuck me out my cash, dawg I'm no pussy
Got big cajones, my nigga you can't douche me
Look, hard as a rock, look, yo I'm hard to smash
New in-dash, bump loud, speakers blast
Heard a couple of your songs, your whole shit was trash
Fucking over the game, your whole squad is ass
[Hook][Verse 4: BO]
Yeah, I tell 'em, I tell 'em, bang, bow, pop the man shit
As a young whippersnapper, been toting guns in my pants
Niggas bitches, niggas snitching, yeah they taking the stand
Cause a nigga on the block moves a couple of grand
Coming in wild, with 32 guns, and 10 guys, 3 Puerto Rican bitches, and a couple of 9s
Shit, BO never stopping, cause the flow is a headache, and my swag is a Oxycotin
It's Top Dawg money gang, 20 grand verte chain
Bentley GT, 3 pieces, nigga fuck a raise
Hustle like I'm broke man, advise you to do the same
Nigga rob me? Better knock it off man
Shit, these niggas teddy bear soft
They pull up to new coupe, watch me fucking knock their top off
Bone marrow falling off, Mr. Swag dance, still lean, to the left, when they taking my pants
Try to play this MC like he was light, cause you can get it worse than Harold did at that red light
Pimping 24/7 like the day to the night
Now you mad cause your girlfriend giving head right[Hook][Verse 5: Kendrick Lamar]
Moving through the block like a centipede
No rooftop, who hot? I'mma show them where the antifreeze
I hit the dealership, and tell them hand me keys, like a grand pianist
Damage anything said, then landing on top of your bitch, oops I tripped
I'm clumsy like Michelle Williams, or Jaleel White
I feel like a Predator, and none of you Danny Glovers are ready for, Alien tactics
The god is back, they're on their knees praying like a mantis
As I perform like Santa Clause
Pause TVs in the Phantom
Bitches on my left and my right like I pant them
Dancing on the coast, emerging from the smoke
Pimping in my blood, tell doc to check my pulse
They knew that was K.Dot the gemini, with another cut like a Samurai
Anything else is uncivilized

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