[Intro: Bilal]
Come here, girl
Oh, you want me to touch you right there?
Oh, like a little lamb, play in your hair
Oh you want it? Oh you want it right now
Like that? I got you baby
All on you baby
Push it back on daddy
Push it back on daddy baby
[Verse: Kendrick Lamar]
I seen it vividly jogging my brain memory, life is...
I seen it vividly jogging my brain memory
Life no longer infinity this was the final calling

No birds chirping or flying, no dogs barking
We all nervous and crying, moving in caution
In disbeliefs our belief's the reason for all this
The tallest building plummet, cracking, and crumbling
The ground is shaking, swallowing young woman
With a baby, daisies, and other flowers burning in destruction

The smell is disgusting, the heat is unbearable
Preachers touching on boys run for cover, the paranoid
Rapists and murderers hurdle alleys

Valleys and high places turn into dust
Famous screaming in agony
Atheists for suicide, planes falling out the sky
Trains jumping off the track, mothers yelling "he's alive"
Backpedaling Christians settling for forgiveness
Evidence all around us the town is covered in fishes
Ocean water dried out, fire burning more tides out

Tabernacle and city capital turned inside out
Public bathroom, college classroom's been deserted

Another trumpet has sounded off and everyone heard it
(It's happening) no more running from world wars
(It's happening) no more discriminating the poor
(It's happening) no more bad bitches and real niggas

Wishing for green and gold the last taste of allure
I swore I seen it vividly

A moniker of war from heaven that play the symphony
Thunder like number four,
then I heard
"What have you did for me"
I fell to my knees, pulled out my resume
That dated back to June 17th, 1987
My paperwork was like a receipt
I was valedictorian, I was fearful of judgment
But confident I had glory in all my past endeavors
Close my eyes, pray to God that I live forever

Dark skies, fire and brimstone, some of us sent home
Some of us never did wrong but still went to hell
Geez Louise, I thought you said that I excel

I made To Pimp a Butterfly for you
Told me to use my vocals to save mankind for you

Say I didn't try for you, say I didn't ride for you
I tithed for you, I pushed the club to the side for you
Who love you like I love you?
Crucifix, tell me you can fix
Anytime I need,
I'ma start jotting everything in my diary
Never would you lie to me
Always camaraderie, I can see, our days been numbered

Revelation greatest as we hearing the last trumpet
All man, child, woman, life completely went in reverse

I guess I'm running in place trying to make it to church[Outro]
Young nigga act an ass
Young nigga act a fool
Young nigga get yo' cash
Young nigga do what it do
Young nigga go, young nigga go
Young nigga go, young nigga go
Whatever makes all of you happy in this bitch
Just take it all back before the light switch

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