Path of Life coming soon
It's KDoubleU, check it [Verse: KDoubleU]
Everybody dies do what you love while you here bro
That's why I stay kicking the shit that you can hear bro

I fear no, thing I just like to share those
Emotions I keep in my heart with a weird flow
And deep voice i'm noice stay stunning dudes
Check it out got my album Path of Life coming soon
And as we journey down the Path of Life
We gon' find mad people who ain't acting right
That say fuck love and only care to get ass tonight
And would willingly give you up as a sacrifice
Me staying strong and being tough is me as fuck
Loving this shit and knowledge I stay eating up
Got one life to live I do what I love dude
And with persistence my fucking dream will come true
I'm strong, and overjoyed and i'm blessed bruh
Stay tuned for Path of Life coming next month, yea[Outro]
The studio version
Had to get in the mothafucking booth and record this shit officially haha
Path of life coming soon, stay tuned for it
I'm out

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