Remember way back when
You and I were friends
All the good times that we shared
We drank champagne and fine wines
(Champagne and fine wines)
Had plays of rain and sunshine (raining and sunshine)
Good times we shared
You and I (you and I) And I learned from you (I learned from you)
And you learned from me (you learned from me)
It was so, so easy
(Remember?)We love without musiness
Oh we love all sеasons (seasons change)
It's funny that sometimеs things would change
Love is strange (love is strange)You know I love you say'll (I love you so)
But how's you feel?
You see because, you're leaving today (leaving today)
Wow, could you just turn it out? (tell me now, I need to know)I learned from you (I learned from you)
Oh yes, you learned from me (you learned from me)
Was it so very easy
Remember? (Remember?)
Do you remember?
Remember way back when (oh remember)
You and I were friends
Remember the good times (oh yes)
That we shared
Champagne and the fine wines
Ohhh the rain and the sunshine (the sunshine)
Good times we had (oh yes, we did)
You and I (oh yes, we did)I learned from you (oh yes, you did)
You learned from me (oh yes, I did)
It was easy (so easy), oh easy
(Remember?) Remember?The walks in the park
The nights got the dark (remember)
When were holding each other (it was easy)
We were loving each other so very, very much
Do you remember? (remember?)
It was so easy, wasn't it? (it was easy)Love is strange (remember)
I lost again
Never, never forget (it was easy)
Remember how long as you're now (remember)
"Underneath this stained last window
That's supposed to be a window, but is the window
Cool! I feel sweet, I feel yummy
I feel... stained
I feel eaten, beaten, ripped and torn
I feel marvelous, Dobbly"

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