If I'm Lying lyrics

Mmmm Yea, Mmmm Yea
Stonebwoy (Stonebwoy)
Kaylan, Stonebwoy from Ghana Africa, where we take them to the island, island. Fi di girls dem, yeah! Bhim![Verse 1:]
Said I'm sincerely in love, with everything that you are
It's been that way from the start, you got my heart
& even if i give you space
Lord knows I'm never too far away
Nobody could ever take your place
And I'm lying when i say
I don't care
Or that ill find someone who'll be there
Or that I'll share
The love i give to you babe
I know I misbehave but[Chorus:]
If I'm Lying then I'm
Dying when I
Say nobody loves
Like I do
Said if I'm lying then I'm
Dying when I
Say nobody loves
Like I do
[Verse 2:]
Lately I been watching what I say
Cuz I wouldn't want it any other way
I could call an Uber maybe pull up where you stay
Cuz you seem to think I'm playing games
I can't tell no lie I want you but for more than one night
Promise that I'll treat you right
Thought I was in love but it turns out that I was in like[Chorus:]
If I'm Lying then I'm
Dying when i
Say nobody loves
Like I do[Verse 3: - Stonebwoy]
If I tell you that I never want you
If i tell you that I never need you
I would be lying to myself
Hurting myself
In my heart girl I know it's you
I cry
Every night
Mek mi eyeballs
Get red
Every time
When we fight
Mi know mi feeling comes back stronger
And a dat mek I & I know seh mi love you for sure
& I woulda never let you go
More time the situation woulda knock a rock bottom
But my love is safe and secure
Nobody can replace you no
Nobody can take your place
If I lie, then I die (wowowoy)
If I lie, then I die

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