Romeo lyrics

Kay Laquan
I move in a rush nigga, I got them cameras on me
I can't be touched nigga, got MC Hammer on me
Dunk it like the bucks nigga, you tryna slam it on me
The referees play for my team & they do damage homie
See I stay in beast mode, boy its nun to stand out
Just give me the cheat codes, you can take them handouts
Let them doofy niggas know I'm back again, from Richmond up to Paterson
Please don't let this internet shit, get yo ass splattered man
Light skin dark skin, I just need a black jawn
One eye open sleeping with thеse broads, blame my last one
Thеy call me Kay Blazey, the sophisticated man child
Used to me crazy, I wasn't then, I am now
Clique is lit, with the shits. going for the throat at most
Now you gotta hear me spit, blame it on Antonio
Coulda swore at 7, I would grow up to be Romeo
Went applied for ICDC & they told me no
Now I'm fuckin boosters, paying off these shooters
Just pulled up yo IP Address, how you wann do this? bitch
Rowdy home & niggas still gangstas over Computers
That's a big flaw, fuck with big dogs, niggas get neutered Kay Laquan
That lil roger and zap shit gon get a nigga clapped quick
Goddamn, make a nigga put you on yo back quick
I am, the goonie with the smile when the mac kick
Get hit from the window and it's still gon make you back flip
No wait, talkin bout you movin white at night but holding NO weight
Coulda piped ya wifey, man you gotta keep them O's straight
Just got in my bag, don't make me tag you where ya folks stay
Make a nigga spaz like Me & Alzzy back in 08

Kay Laquan – Romeo

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