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This beat hard as hell, what up Primo?
Primo Beats on the track! Kasher quon, Let´s go!
Pulled the strap out on a nigga for trynna take my car (Pussy!)
My cousin weird ass remind me of Playboi Carti
Man that lil nigga weird (weird as hell)
I know im getting old cause im startin to see my beard
That bitch finally growing in
I´m at a party right now but I aint performing (No)
I´m just here for the hoes
I need a bitch with a job and money, I got goals (?)
That bitch that you cuff fat as hell she got (?)
That bitch said what kind of liquor you got? I got rose (?)
So we finna be drunk as hell
I´m up a hundred thousand dollars, cant you tell?
And this some lemon cherry gelato cant you smell?
I´m living like I got one, but I aint got no deal (for real)
Shit i wish! (I wish!)
My cousin baby momma just tried to give me a kiss
I told that bitch when you ride me do the spliff (?)
Bought all the kids on the block a banana split (all of em)
Turned your hundred to a thousand its a magic trick
I can blow a band every day cause im havin it (?)
It aint bout how you spend its how you stack this shit
My iphones just shipped out im finna track them bitches (?)
It´s two hoes trynna cop a feature im bout to tax them bitches (c'mon!)
All these hoes wanna be rappers (for real)
All because of me everybody want to be a scammer
The same nigga that was (?) saying he a trapper
And he say he a (?) fifty he a capper
Man that lil nigga lie
Seen my first 20 off a music and I damn near cried
Like this shit cant be real
That billy ass chain on your neck that bitch cant be real (fake as hell)
And that bitch silver I think its stainless steel
Told her fuck netflix im trynna get brain and chill
Or we can (?)
I got this one fein that spend a lot his name (?) (crackhead)

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