Baby say no more
And I’m all yours
If I open my eyes
What do I see? I’m clocked inNiggas don’t work no
No moreNiggas don’t work no more
No moreLet’s take a picture baby girl
Tell if you really wanna see
One and one that’s you and me
Got a two seater but I’m carrying three
I could ditch that girl if you want to
Come and join my live
Girl I want you
Down 1-95 what you wanna do?
Give me that
Sloppy toppy
Yummy yummy
Yummy yashiPays to be loyal
Girl that’s why I’m solo
Find me marco polo
I may fly like soho
Got a bad bitty in the city
No Cuomo
She gon get freaky for the free
Niggas wanna see me but
They need prescription
Shawty want that backie
When I finish mission
Told her roll a fatty
Making bad decisions
They don’t want smoke
I come alive in the kitchеn23
Balling like
Balling like Mike
Likе Steph
Balling like
Balling like
Balling like Mike
Like Steph

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