Lyrics from snippet [Pre-Chorus: Kanye West]
And I repent for everything I'ma do again[Verse: Chris Brown]
It's not too late for second chances
Give my life to gain your blessings
Trade my pain for your all your pleasure
Let your peace sustain my mental
It's not too late for second chances
When you rich you can't imagine
I pray you'll sustain my mental
Forgive me father for I have sinned
Over and over again
But I ain't doing nothing to change it all
Next thing I know we in a group text
Now we having group sex
It's a lifestyle, can't let go of it
Nothing compares to the perks
When you on percs
Everyday I serve
Swear they got me smiling in my words
Swimming in my feelings in my bath
Fucking all these bitches...

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