[Murphy Lee]
Damn, that girl fine, that girl fine, that girl fine
Yo, yo, Kanye, yo turn it up, a little bit, whoo [Hook]
Take notes while I take tokes to the marijuana smoke
One look and murder she wrote
She drop dead gorgeous, she drop dead..[Kanye West {*over the hook*}]
Yo, this is a Roc-a-Fella, St. Lunatics collaboration
Chi-Town and St. Louis
She said she ain't never seen Murphy Lee befo'[Verse 1: Murphy Lee]
I called her back from an earlier beep Fo' in the mornin' they be like "Nah, I wasn't sleep"
Convenient whore stay on top of convenient stores
Keep pictures of me in their Victoria Secret drawer
I keep somethin' hot on tour
Can ya, Kenyatta, make sure they know before what is really in store
See I adore the ones that call me Torhi, true story
I created 'hood rats so these new mice bore me
See I normally settle for sevens, but eights I can't wait Nines be wantin' time and dimes be wantin' dates So know I got elevens and twelves With at least
Thirteen or fourteen reasons why they fine as hell
I hit 'em up like Blu Cantrell
Hehehehehehehehe hell, I remember when she smashed LaBelle
See most women kinda sneaky like a six-year old
Hey yo they always in the summer, somethin' wrong with their nails[Hook][Verse 2: Kanye West]
What's the point of havin' a girl that's drop dead That you know don't like you? She'll run over your head with a motorcycle I mean the way you look is
Nice, but there's more to life boo
Cuz I could go to videos and get fo' just like you
I talked to your ex-boyfriend and took a census
But you don't read the cookbook, you just look at the pictures Matter of fact, when's the last time you looked at the kitchen?
This is gettin' ridiculous, how you gettin' defensive?
Jimmy Choo, Frankie B., bitch you gettin' expensive
I know you fuckin' around, my sixth sense told me That ain't no male friend that bought you the stereo She said "He gay anyway, you don't know nothin'
About Jamario"[Hook]

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