See, no one else love me like you do
That's why I don't mind to spend my life with you
I wanna please you in anyway I can
I wanna share my world, don't you understand?
Your love is a one in a million, million, million, million Intro:
Yeah yeah, uh
You know what kinda money we aiming for?
You know what kinda money we tryna make?
Got that right
A million[Verse]:
Mannerisms of a young Leo Di Caprio
Suit and tied up at bars
Or bossed like Pacino
My life is like a movie inspired by Tarantino
So one things for sure señor
You can't knock the hustle of the young ambitious Niño
Premonitions of me with the day 1 amigos
Balling out in casinos, take trips down to Rio
Make history at award shows in tailored tuxedo's
You hate tho, you mad tho?
To us that's that's no stress tho
Cuz we grind till we rise and that's how we gon roll
And to top that's my future home
That's been the fucking goal before a high supply of rappers felt themselves too much
That they thought they were famous
They basic, so brainless I can't stand their gayness
Like where's the love my nigga?
Like where's the truth my nigga?
How talk about guns but you pussy to pull a trigger
How you gon talk about the bright lights if all you do all day is just, stand outside
But hey, it ain't my bidness tho
Cuz like I said before, it's big dreams and currencies I gotta make a mill
Gotta make a million, fuck it make a billion
A million (x7)
Al Pacino:
What I try tell you? In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power
Then when you get the power, then you get the woman
That's why you gotta make your own moves

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