[Intro: 6ix9ine, *Nicki Minaj* & **Baka**]
It's fuckin' TR3YWAY!
King of New York, lookin' for the Queen
*Uh, you got the right one, hmm
L-let these-l-let these b-b-bitches know, nigga
Queens, Brooklyn, brrr, ah!*
**Murda on the beat so it's not nice!** [Verse 1: 6ix9ine]
Pussy got that wet, wet, got that drip, drip
Got that super soaker, hit that, she a Fefe
Her name Keke, she eat my dick like it's free, free
I don't even know like "Why I did that?"
I don't even know like "Why I hit that?"
All I know is that I just can't wife that
Talk to her nice so she won't fight back
Turn around and hit it from the back, back, back
Bend her down then I make it clap, clap, clap[Chorus: 6ix9ine]
I don't really want no friends
I don't really want no friends, no[Verse 2: Cardi B]
I get the money and go, this shit is hot like a stove
My pussy glitter is gold, tell that lil bitch play her role
I just arrove in a Rolls, I just came up in a Wraith
I need to fill up the tank, no, I need to fill up the safe
I need to let all these hoes know that none of their niggas is safe
[Chorus: 6ix9ine]
I don't really want no friends
I don't really want no friends, no[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]
He-he tryna 69 like Tekashi, call him papi
Word to A$AP, keep me Rocky, I'm from New York, so I'm cocky
Say he fuckin' with my posse, copped me Khloé like Kardashi'
Keep this pussy in Versace, said I'm pretty like Tinashe
Put-put it all up in his face, did I catch a case?
Pussy game just caught a body, but I never leave a trace
Face is pretty, ass for days, I get chips, I ask for Lay's
I just sit back and when he done, I be like, "Yo, how'd it taste?"
(Yo, how'd it taste?)[Chorus: 6ix9ine]
I don't really want no friends
I don't really want no friends, no[Verse 4: Nicki Minaj]
Ayo, Draco got that kick-back
When it kick-back, you can't get yo shit back
In fact this that bitch that
"I hate small talk, I don't fuck with chit-chat"
AC just stopped workin'
So they hit me, told me bring my wrist back
Come through rockin' fashions
That got all these bitches like "Yo, what's that?"
(Like "Yo, what's that?")
[Chorus: 6ix9ine & *Nicki Minaj*]
I don't really want no friends
*I don't really want no friends, no*[Verse 5: Offset]
Open your eyes, bitch you see all this money
Made that lil' bitch tape a brick to her stomach
You not the gang, we don't kick it or punt it
Just bought the Wraith and I wrapped it, titanic
Look at the numbers, mechanics ain't frontin'
I came from the lick, went to jail, I got punished, ooh
Pullin' up foreign, Freddy Kreuger, wow
My niggas turn barracuda
You cappin', I came from trappin'
I used to have the dope stashed in the cabinet (dope!)
Mama couldn't tell me shit, where was my daddy? (Mom)
Look at my Patek, I'm flexin', I'm petty (I'm petty)
I fucked the pussy the first time I met it
Won't give you no credit, you Eddie spaghetti
I cook the brick, cut the brick with machetes
Married the money, the bitch wasn't ready
[Outro: Dices]
Dices on the beat

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