Fire in the Booth pt3 lyrics

Intro: Charlie Sloth & K-Trap

Freestyle 1: M1onthebeat beat
Free the guys
They tell me put back on the mask, they find it hard to believe my raps
But I never wore that mask, last time that I slid and I made it slap
How many times did I blow like a hundred quid and make it back
And how many times is a bitch gunna snap this bezel and dash
Four pipe thats a regular ting, I had it in S all years thats facts
And don't tell me about p's or war, me and bro tryna run up a cheque on waps
You never ticked no whole ones fed the whole estate and cleared your tab
Put a thousand 8 in a lab, whip 9 at a time I'm bringing it back
Before a new DSP it was BXB DXT
See front with a 3 on 3 now its red seats in the GLE
6 shots me and bro went 3 on 3, link p thats glee on glee
Louis V I got tee on tees, B23s and the Billie Jeans
I can rap all day about drill, cus i was drilling - for real
Lab in the field and I sat around the table with man with mills
And tell me why these rappers scared, when man step in the room its weird
Mask off should've made it cool, all now they still act like fools
Tell lil man just cool and took him Hatton and he still wants a corps
Patterned you know of-course, you never took part of no war
Remember gang didn't win that award, back to the block send man to the ward
16 years if man gets caught, plus 6 points I weren't insured
Different waps we got all sorts, 223s and 4s
Shotgun ting its tall but short, felt like bouncer walk with the dwarf
Anywhere we see him its corn, anywhere we see him its --
Bae wanna leave with the shooters jumper, told her take something that ain't worn
Overstuff this clip can't find that corn on the floor
Kinda funny how my mans lacking like we ain't caught him before
Aventador suicidal doors, where this bad one from manny I think I got her off tour
2 plus 2 thats 4 add a next 4 I took it to war
Let me pree it spin that barrel or glee it
Took this IG ting to the condo concierge tryna pree it
She thinks I'm cheating, shouldn't check my recents
4 and a half in the glass, I better get back fast
I was in the trap no heating shut that door don't let in the draft
Laugh LOL opp block where we left plenty shells
Sweet little thing with the Prada fit, dunno if shes sent from hell
Dior, I'd get her the bag as long as it fits this wap, I'm gassed
Gave this brick a twiners as long as i flip this pack I'm gassed
Amiri rip on the splash, traps been lit thats facts
And we don't do tit for tats, he's moving spin that back

Freestyle 2: Steelzatron beat

K-Trap – Fire in the Booth pt3

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