[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Reach my surroundings when I move out cause dudes envy
Something like Prince Akeem 2 in the semi
Super soak ya, anti-social, for the mail I'll go postal
Postpone your post put it on pause with no controller at all
Just a nickel plated fo-fo, pockets got a melody, carryin' notes
Without bad breath, still carry the scope
I infrared whoever infiltrate, or disrespect, my money make it intellect, like a safety you intercept, a chain of bullets
They vics when they rubbing your chest, pincher
I treat all beef tender, no shook ones around here son
You like Michael Jay Fox when them bad boys come
Not Will Smith or Martin Lawrence, I'm talkin' 'bout boys that'll surely inspire your life insurance, life is short
Your reality is at the height of a dwarf
Say goodbye to the bitches and the champagne corks
Say hello to the ditches where your homies is tossed, in it
Porche blocks be black tinted, everything stocked
Catch me running over civilians, middle finger up when i'm removing the ceiling, dissect the whole block when i'm removing your building, this goes out to every man, woman and children
I don't discriminate, shook ones get earthquaked [Verse 2: Punch]
Rappers are scared to death, they're scared to look
Cause ain't no such thing as halfway crooks
Niggas shook from the door like "Who is 'dem boys?"
Anything happen in front of it they're responsible for it
Niggas play hardcore like they really want a war
Find themselves ductaped in the Ford Explorer
Like "This ain't even car ford, how I end up in this?"
Walkin' on the ocean's floor at the bottom of the abyss
I'm guttin' you guppies up, take a nap with the fish
We don't wanna talk about it, we know where you live
Mattafact, we got pictures of your kids
Tryna' talk himself out of it, but he don't wanna hear
What a mess, look at what you niggas did
Dig a hole, bury yourself, by a jump off the bridge
This no subliminal, you know who we is
Tried to do the snake thing, but we got to his ribs
Not the rib that protect his organs, but rib meaning his woman that be spending his fortune
Huh, hop out the frying pan scorching, right into the fire
Hitman for hire, Punch
[Verse 3: Jay Rock]
When i be in the block, rappers, they get shook up
Cause what i'm holdin' that get your soul took up
Blukah! Sound of the chrome plated woopa
House flyin' straight to your medula, suit up
When it's time for war, lace your boots up
My advice ; get your head bulletproofed up
No mercy, when the tool bust, smooch ya'
Leave your ass asking for your future, who ya?
I don't know ya', gotta show ya', folding dough like yoga
Don't approach us, nurse bag get smoked fast like a penitentiary box
Of cigarettes, (yeah) we still got that work posted on the ave
Nickle and dime bags of narcotics, I got it
You want it? No problem, still got the fiend shook like hydraulics

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