187 lyrics

[Intro: K RACK$ & *BabyLavish*]
*Yeah, yeah*
*Yo GB, talk to these niggas bro! Let 'em know what the fuck is up!"
(This should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area) [Verse 1: K RACK$]
Buckle up!
"GB what the fuck is up?" Nothing much
Laugh so hard I'm busting guts, killing niggas with uppercuts
Fuck 'em up, dump 'em in the water like some rubber ducks
Got one love for such and such; I don't do guns, I'm running up
Fuck is up? Chill out officer, I ain't do nothing, bruh
Some brother tried to fuck with us and all I did was rough him up
A little bit, but I won't do no more, I promise this is it
But I can't make no promises that I'll refrain from hitting licks
Shit, this a deeper cover of Deep Cover
And GB's bars are hot, hotter than cheap rubber
Don't get burned, take this as a lesson learned
You a bum nigga, rap equivalent of Earn
I'm wack? Never that, don't get slapped with a gat
Your choice: the Mac or the AK 4-sev, that's where it's at
If you want to fight me, nigga you're out of luck
You could hit me with a hook, but I eat those shits for lunch
Dinner and break-fast, if I run up on you then break fast
I'll take that and that, give me all your green like Ceelo
Me and Dub, because we running a repo
And if you hide your chain then I'ma snatch the shit like Deebo
GB, see me, I'm a great debator
You a massive hater, you talking shit? Catch me later
You acting vapor but you'll ask later when I stack paper
So smell ya later; Cause we eating, where's the waiter?
Lame niggas talk, talk, talk, but you don't do 'thangs'
I'm cheffin' with my method so protect ya neck: Wu Tang
I'm GB, and if I see you then it's GG
I'll come back for a repeat; no weapons, I be melee[Verse 2: BabyLavish]
We straight 'bout it from the night into the morning light
All my soldiers fight, we over niggas like overbites
Shifting into gear like the game was up on a motorbike
Niggas better recognize the real when he on the mic
I bang on niggas like 'Shaq Attaqs' when I rap on tracks
And if these rappers lack I'ma flip they ass like an acrobat
I spot you in the scope, it's looking shady in the aftermath
I practice mathematics, dividing you to subtract the wack
I'm coming equipped, no NFL, we running the blitz
I'm ahead of the game, always remain one hundred percent
The orphanage be out of business how I'm sonning these kids
Got 'em waiting all on my verses like government check
In the trenches or the stu' I'm never lacking, man I'm always packing
No attacking my faction, niggas know we 'bout the action
I'm threat, leave the game deceased, hope that you can take the heat
Cause I'm scorching niggas, better take defeat
Knew some opp niggas, said they wanted beef with me
I made them do a full 180 like three 60's
And I ain't frontin', get to runnin', word to mother
When I hit a 187, take deep cover

K Dinero – 187

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