Robin Hood (Magnolia Freestyle)




Rare Sound
What up Carti?
Rare Sound
Bitch I'm back yo!
Rare Sound
Let's go [Verse]
Walked in with them knots
Condoms in my socks
I feel like a [?], Imma rock it on that block
If I got a [?] im gon' pop it you gon' drop
If I got a [?] im gon' pop it you gon' drop
Where the thots, boogers in my watch
Hot boss, fuck the cops
Give me top on a dot
Ayo James wanna come outside?
Range Rover, bitch it's game over
Good in the hood, bitch I feel like big [?]
Bitch, can I pull in in your hole like a golfer?
Hot [?] let me [?]
It's a wave it's wave
Imma cut the dreads and go back to the waves
Open up the lid let a nigga a taste
Running from feds I escaped in a race
What a day, huncho's in a safe
Huncho's in my jeans, huncho's make a cream
Pop bitch sit, drink my [?]
Feel like Kyrie, need a Kylie
Jenner if she let a nigga fuck owee
Bitch I ain't never left
Took a brake from myself
Needed time to regroup
Trash bags ask Snoop
And it got a nigga lit
Fake time with you bitch
Show me pussy, show me tits
Lunch break [?]
I ain't done chasing racks
Way I do my line bitch we coming though the back
All nigga scared to let me in 'cause they wack
All these nigga's running with my sound give it back
Yeah a nigga, you
Bet she change her mind when I pull up in a coupe
Bet she change her mind when she walk inside the spot
Fuck her on a pool table in some Louis socks (Slum)[Outro]

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