[Intro: Juelz Santana & Jadakiss]
Listen! You might learn something Haha! Ayy! Oooooh!
Jadakiss, where you been? Where you at?
I'm right here!
These rap niggas is wack (D-Block!)
I want that old thing back (uh!)
I want that old thing back
I got you, my nigga! Ha-HA!
I want that old thing back[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
Unh, yo some niggas tell a lot (some niggas)
Some niggas sell a lot (some niggas)
Some niggas used to be mad nice and fell a lot (damn)
Album still trash
I don’t care who the hell you got (I don't care)
Portraying the role of a G, we can tell you not
Sorry to bother you (sorry!)
I'm only doing what a father do (yup!)
Your production is horrible (mm!)
You’ll forever be a nerd (forever!)
And your metaphors are better off never being heard (never)
I came in grimy (grimy), Puff made me shiny (that's right)
Put 'em both together, a protege of the 90s (woo!)
Grew up, put that bullshit behind me (mm!)
Started making niggas demises untimely (yup!)
Looking for me? Come to the hood, you could find me (c'mon!)
Gucci belt right on the waist where the 9 be (yeah!)
.38 right in the garbage, where the packs at (haha!)
M1 right in the trunk, where the jacks at (ugh)
Whoever is in arm's length will get backslapped (back up!)
'Cause I ain't playing with these rap cats (nah)
This is the flow you can't learn, dutch you can't burn (*exhale*)
Nigga, I've got stripes you can't earn (uh-uh)
[Hook: Jadakiss & Method Man]
Method Man, where you been? Where you at?
These rap niggas is wack, I want that old thang back
You got the M.E, the M.E., the M.E
Yeah, I want that old thang back
The H.-H., M.E.T.H.O.D. Man
Ugh, yeah, I want that old thang back[Verse 2: Method Man]
Gimme them dopefiend tracks, let me shoot up and lean back
With this needle stuck in my arm, never tuck in my charm
Most my team sling cracks, if I hit every corner with G-packs
Might cause the man DC to relapse (go 'head)
I'm a hip-hop junkie, who needs rap? MCs wack
Killer Bees is back in the booth, mind your beeswax
And fuck a salary cap, we blow a cap
At any Energizer bunny right where his battery at
Look, the bastard child of Clarence Thomas and Reaganomics
On every 1st and 15th, make sure you pay me homage
Might break a promise but never breaking the code
Got the floor safe, coke in the pot, fiend at the stove, oh!
Meth, rock a W on my clothes
I'm a straight rider, straight to the W with these hoes, huh
I'm straight fire, these motherfuckers is froze
Like a skinny supermodel that like to powder her nose
[Hook: Method Man & Redman]
Redman, where you been? Where you at?
These rap niggas is wack, I want that old thang back
Yeah! Ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar!
I want that old thang back
I'm right here, god! YO!
I want that old thang back[Verse 3: Redman]
Yo, boy, I'm like Rick James, I got that old thang
I got a gold chain, Cazales with gold frames
Doc doing the running man on Soul Train
With a Chinese girl, the chick can get low, mayne
Propane for the raw I put on the streets
My thoughts, the Blue Magic put on the beats (sss, ahh!)
Game time, Doc rocket like Dominique (two!)
Play vegetarian, nigga, and ignore the beef
Yeah, irie, keep the blow smoking
Slide in the club, cool like the floor frozen
Check out the wild thang, got a Tone Lōc-oh
Big ass and high heels with the toes open
That's me, 90s MC
Fuck a Grammy Awards, underground is tax free (woo!)
Look in the mirror, I feel fantastic
The mirror said, "You are, you conceited bastard"
[Hook: Busta Rhymes & Juelz Santana]
Santana, where you been? Where you at?
These rap niggas is wack
I want that old thang back (That's right)
Yeah I want that old thang back
Tell 'em! I want that old thang back[Verse 4: Juelz Santana]
I came to bring the pain (yeah), put niggas to shame
Simple and plain, they gon' remember my name
And it's all for respect, not fame
So don't play with me (don't!)
You could give 'em rope, they still can't hang with me (nope)
Pass the baton, they still can't race with me (nope!)
So far ahead of these niggas they still chasing me (still!)
I wouldn't be surprised
If niggas' ghostwriters got ghostwriters
Nothing cease to amazes you
Labels used to care, even though they was raping me (yup)
Now it's 360 deals, modern day slavery (true)
Fuck you, who payin' me? I'm the one recording
Won't settle for extortion or fame over fortune (never)
The game done changed, the sound done changed (changed)
All these niggas sound the same (sound the same)
The word "loyalty" don't even sound the same
Good thing I keep the pound
When it bang it always sound the same
I aim at the game, the real shall remain (that's real)
Neck full of water like I drowned my chain (my chain)
Flier than a nigga jumping out the plane (uh-huh)
Higher than you niggas, you can't find the strain (gelato)
Better than you niggas, that's without me saying (uh)
Treat the money like the work
We don't count, we weigh it (uh-huh)
For this amount we aim it (aim), blaze it (bang), flame it (bang)
Barrel big as a showerhead
You don't want me spraying (brrrrat!)
Enough with the mumbo-jumbo
Santana back though, can I get a drum roll? (brrrt!)
Whole lotta kush and it's stuffed in a fronto
Fiends still say my work taste like gumbo (mm!)
Yeah, bring that old thang back
I was taught to whip it up
And bring the whole thang back, rrrr!
When I was pumping coke, you was jumping rope
I was runnin' out of bags, you was playing tag (tag)
While you was hopscotching, I was drop-shopping (yeah)
At the dealer, paying cash for them paper tags (tags)
While you was pop-locking, I was Glock-popping (yeah)
Getting to the cash, brown paper bags (get money)
Blowing money fast and it never last (never)
Yeah, they make it fast, barely make it back (bitch)
Haters gonna suffer, I'm okay with that (okay with that)
All this garbage, time to throw away the trash (yup!)

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