Lupin lll lyrics

I’m coming through like a thief in the night Just call me Lupin IIICuz I’m stealing the micI’m feeling fly like a birdBout to shake up the gameConfidence with every wordClockin in on the beatIt’s time to put in that workAnd you know Imma get itI wanna keep winningIt’s just the beginningMy gift is a givenI’m hungry and willingFor people to listenTo what I keep spittingAnd what I keep thinkingRapping with passionYou hear the fire in these rhymes that keep ya speakers blastingAin’t no one even matching how I’m stunting thoCame up from place where brothers are always running thoFootball or from the policе that speed incredibleTook a differеnt route was forcing myself to study thoNow this education and music is all I’m wanting thoAlways been the type to give respect and courtesyBut don’t test me cuz a zooming 3 piece will leave you catching ZZZsThis mic is all I need to successfullyExpress my rights and wrongs so I can make a better me
***2nd VERSE***
I’m spitting rhymes by epiphaniesSurviving everyday, can’t let the demons just get to meCame up from the trenches like I was straight on some infantryPerfectly aligned like I was straight into symmetryPhysica-physica-physically I wanna seat to the table in this industry, it’s all in my vicinity
Grinding hard ambitiously, on my craft so religiouslyDo it while I’m searching for God on some nobilityIt’s the epitome of my lyrical abilityThen I’m headed straight to AtlantaRight over the Savannah to cop that quality whip like I was IndianaI’m feeling cold like MontanaCuz I got my antics and I feel manic, no need to panicCuz I’ll sink ya favorite rapper like the TitanicIt’s the dynamnix it’s so frantic and if we’re doing semantics then I’m illustrating pics in ya brain we call those graphicsThese bars make me sick as a dog, I’m illmatic
***3rd Verse***Let’s get straight to the point like the bullets in Homie 9I’m feeling so divine but these problems aren’t benignThere was a virus and our government went on declineLegislation is shakenThe stimulus checks we takingBut Republicans were so damn complacentOn keeping their incumbent seat in placementTransparency’s adjacentThe Democrats took majority a km nd now pushing agendasThey acting like they better but it’s not getting any betterThey storming up the capitalAntifa going radicalIdentity politics being played in
Search for powerBlack people are exploited for tragedies by the hourInstead of doing something people would rather post what they devour
Times are getting hectic and our country is dividedNot every issue that you see in life is all one-sidedIt’s time to wake up and finally open ya eyelidsOur government’s in chaos and our states are not United

JT Bruce – Lupin lll

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